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melmumof3...hi! thanks for support last night re halloween

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asdmumandteacher Sat 01-Nov-08 20:38:10

just fancied a chat - didn't know if you were aroundsmile

melmamof3 Sat 01-Nov-08 20:43:54

Hiya, yes I'm around.

How are you feeling now?

melmamof3 Sat 01-Nov-08 20:50:25

I was trying to find your thread, as hadnt realised you'd replied.

My son is 3, and he was dx with ASD when he was 2. I've got an older boy, 5, and another boy on the way, due in 4 weeks!

asdmumandteacher Sun 02-Nov-08 10:55:28

hi sorry just got back on here. Am ok now thanks smile-had another little cry yesterday - you just think you 'get over it' and then it hits you again.... wow! 3 boys!!!! I have 2, eldest DS1 (non ASD) is 9 and DS2 (ASD) is 5. he was diagnosed as well at 2. he has LF.At special school now which he loves. Was non verbal until 3 and now can say many many words thank god...never thought he would speak ...

melmamof3 Sun 02-Nov-08 20:42:02

My ds2 started a special nursery for ASD kids in September, and absolutely loves it. He gets picked up by the yellow bus (he thinks he is going to Balamory) and dropped off as well. His talking was restricted to maybe 6/8 words, but now he can say so much. A lot of his words are only recognisable to us of course, but at least he is talking! His favourite thing to say at the moment is "my turn" which I think is fab.

I am dreading Christmas this year. Last year was bad enough. We were told 3 days before it that he was looking to be autistic, but still had to be confirmed. He wouldnt open any presents, took little interest in anything and played with a box. I'm hoping for a minor miracle this year, but we hall have to wait and see.

Sorry if I sound stupid, but what is LF?

asdmumandteacher Sun 02-Nov-08 22:34:23

LF - low functioning as opposed to HF (high functioning - i guess aspergers mainly).

I know, my boy hasn't shown interest at all in Christmas or his birthday yet...maybe this year....

melmamof3 Mon 03-Nov-08 07:58:55

Ah riht. ds2 hasnt been assessed for lf/hf yet. Not too sure where he would be, as some days he seems less autistic than others iykwim. He has a rotton cold at the moment, so is a nightmare!

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