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Appt for single vaccs for DD

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jenk1 Sat 01-Nov-08 17:42:33

Took DD to see Dr Richard Halvorsen yesterday.

Unfortunately he didnt feel it was right to give her the single measles vacc cos shes just come off antibiotics for a water infection.

But, we had a half hour consultation with him and he explained things very clearly and made me feel reassured for not wanting DD to have the mmr.

He asked DH what his thoughts were and DH said he wasnt sure,so he explained about the "children at risk" of developing bowel disorders or having their ASD symptoms made more severe,he said your DD falls in the at risk group because of her PDD-NOS and because she already has bowel difficulties, he said if i was DD dad,i wouldnt dream of giving her the mmr,thats my opinion.

He has told us to ask our GP for a referral to see a paediatric gastroenterologist because he agrees as she has been on movicol for 2 years and her symptoms are still the same it needs investigating, DD spent most of thursday night at the hotel crying in pain saying her belly was hurting and it was distended.

so although we didnt acomplish waht we went to london for,we had a great time,went on the open top bus tour,london eye,hamleys,and got lost around soho which DH thought was wonderful hmm,we did get a chance to learn more about the risks for DD and we have had our mind put at rest.

he told us that if we get any stick off our GP to quote him.

jenk1 Mon 03-Nov-08 10:20:46

bump for jimjams if shes around. smile

jenk1 Tue 04-Nov-08 11:46:39

another bump for jimjams

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