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Just saying "hi" to other ASD moms.

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MOMMALIS Thu 10-Mar-05 12:40:28

Hello ladies and gents lol.
I joined yesterday and am finding my way round this excellent site.
Im mom of 2, my youngest my son (just 5) has classic autism diagnosed at age 2.
He currently attends a SEN school and is coming on in leaps and bounds.
We are in the midlands.
Look forward to getting to know other parents in the same situation ,going through the highs and the lows.

onlyjoking9329 Thu 10-Mar-05 13:14:06

hi there and welcome,i am in the east midlands, whereabouts are you ? i have two at SN school and one in mainstream but he has statement and will no douubt move to SN at some point

coppertop Thu 10-Mar-05 13:18:54

Welcome to mumsnet and the SN board.

I have 2 boys. Ds1 is 4yrs 8 mths and was diagnosed with ASD just over a year ago. He's in a mainstream school and doing really well. Ds2 is 25 months and was given a preliminary diagnosis of ASD a few months ago. He had a full assessment last month and is due to be re-assessed when he is 3.

Davros Thu 10-Mar-05 13:44:46

Welcome to MN. I have a 9.5 year old DS with classic ASD from birth (i.e. not a regressor). I also have a sister with Aspergers and a cousin who has a DS with ASD and a neice with dyslexia! My son was on a Lovaas program before going to special school when he was 6. I also have a DD who will be 2 on Saturday and seems to be NT .

pixel Thu 10-Mar-05 13:51:10

Hi Mommalis, nice to meet you, I am on the south coast. I have two children and my youngest is almost the same age as your son as he will be five in a couple of months. He is also at a special school and progressing well.

macwoozy Thu 10-Mar-05 14:14:32

Hi mommalis, I have a ds with ASD, his fifth birthday is in several weeks. He attends mainstream school. I live in the South East.

bambi06 Thu 10-Mar-05 14:18:42

hi there , welcome,hope you make new friends and find all the info you ever need on here , its great theres a wealth of info on mn. i am a mom to one boy (5) asd and a girl of nearly 4 and we live in se london

MOMMALIS Thu 10-Mar-05 15:40:27

Thanks , for all your lovely welcomes .
only joking were in the West Midlands area.

JaysMum Thu 10-Mar-05 15:52:57

Hello and welcome mommalis, Im mom to ds1 age 11 and ds2, J, who was nine yesterday. J is floating about on the spectrum somewhere but dont know exactly where....will find out at the end of the month when he sees CP for his dx assessment.
Glad you found us....we are a freindly bunch and you'll get loads of support and advice from people here....I know I do and this place is my first port of call now.

Where abouts in the west mids are you???? I originate from there!!!! Escaped the rat race for a slower pace of life 15 yeras ago and moved down to the SWest.

Tiggiwinkle Thu 10-Mar-05 16:02:57

Hi mommalis-I have a 6 year old DS currently udergoing assessment. We have been told by the clinical psych that he is almost certainly AS. I live in SE London. Welcome!

Eulalia Thu 10-Mar-05 17:00:02

Hi Mommalis. I have a ds who is autistic aged 5 1/2. He attends mainstream school with support. I also have a dd who will be 3 next month.

RnB Thu 10-Mar-05 19:27:29

Message withdrawn

InternationalGirl Thu 10-Mar-05 21:41:12

Hi Mommalis! Welcome to Mumsnet.

I have 2 girls. 10 yr old NT and just turned 5 yr old dx w. ASD - think high functioning. She presented with global developmental delay after infantile spasm epilepsy seizures at about 10 months and we have been trying to 'catch up' ever since. After some time we have realised her disability relates to more than just a delay and have gone through the huge learning curve relating to discovering autism and the spectrum it presents. Saying that, everyday she surprises us with something new and is for the most part a lovely little kid.

You will find this lovely lot here on MN a wealth of support and information. They'll be like your family soon and you will become addicted - right girls?.

stupidgirl Thu 10-Mar-05 21:50:15

I've been on Mumsnet for...erm, years now, but fairly new to the SN boards. I have a dd of almost 4, and a ds 6, who I believe has Aspergers. Our dr has dismissed the idea (she has a reputation for taking away dx's) but I am pretty convinced that's where his (and my) problems lie.

Anyway, welcome to the boards.

Socci Thu 10-Mar-05 21:52:11

Message withdrawn

Socci Thu 10-Mar-05 21:56:08

Message withdrawn

MOMMALIS Thu 10-Mar-05 21:59:32

Hi Socci.
Im in the Solihull area whereabouts are you?

Socci Thu 10-Mar-05 22:01:39

Message withdrawn

beccaboo Fri 11-Mar-05 02:19:33

Hi Mommalis, I have one ds, 3yrs3months, who has a diagnosis of ASD. I am in SE London.

Welcome to this board, I've found it a great help.

ladyhawk Fri 11-Mar-05 07:18:05

hi momalis welcome to the board

i have three boys,one 12 NT,one 8 with adhd and asd,and one 6 who is being refered for assesment,look forward to seeing you around

Cosmo74 Fri 11-Mar-05 12:50:58

Hi Mommalis

I am fairly new to this site too. I have one DS (5) and another baby due in August - DS is ????? we are trying to get him assessed at the minute but have been told it can take anything up to 18 months - he has concentration/behavioural problems at school and can be trying at home but I love him so much......

I am from N.Ireland so faily out of the way.

I find this site very helpful especially as I am just learning all about this.

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