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Ds is amazing! purely boastful thread.

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staryeyed Thu 30-Oct-08 12:51:52

Its official he is just absolutely fantastic. I was just looking at him and copying his sounds- he was saying so I said "Mummy" and he said "Mummy" and just looked so pleased with himself. He is 3 and has ASD. his social interaction has come on so much. He learnt to roll a ball back jut the other day- we have been working on that for years. He is such a smart little guy he amazes us all the time with what he can do. He cant talk but learned to count to 5 (no, do, ree our, i) and say the alphabet up k. He counts down with the microwave. He arranges his pens in colour order. He is just amazing!

Blu Thu 30-Oct-08 12:55:48

ooooooooh, him saying 'Mumy' bust have made your hrat leap!

Brilliant. well done little starry!

Blu Thu 30-Oct-08 12:56:12

Sorry - what has happened to my typing!

Thomcat Thu 30-Oct-08 12:58:33

YUM! Love 'bpastful' threads. Lovely, lovely, lovely smile

ewwwmy2shoesarefullofblood Thu 30-Oct-08 13:23:14

well done your ds

sphil Thu 30-Oct-08 13:59:57

How lovely! smile Sounds as if his imitation is very good - you can do so much more once that's in place.

Tclanger Thu 30-Oct-08 14:48:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

feelingbitbetter Thu 30-Oct-08 15:46:27

Awww! Did your heart melt? What a little gem, you must be very proudgrin. Time we had a proud Mummy emoticon I think.
Well done both of you x

Peachy Thu 30-Oct-08 15:47:48

oh wow

love him! fab kid

misscutandstick Thu 30-Oct-08 23:23:33

oooh wow!!!! that is absolutely fantastic!!! so pleased for both of you - just to hear him say your name must be priceless too. brill!!!

amber32002 Fri 31-Oct-08 07:44:33

Yay!!!!!!!!! grin

twocutedarlings Fri 31-Oct-08 09:50:29

bless him, i bet you could just squeeze him to death!! he sounds like an adorable little fella grin

Marne Fri 31-Oct-08 10:59:09

Well done to your ds, ASD children are great, my dd(2.8) has come along loads in the past month and also loves lining up pens in order of colour.

Well done grin

melmamof3 Fri 31-Oct-08 13:03:10

Well done to your DS! Really great when they start getting some language, no matter how small that word is.

My ds2 is coming on great with his words. He is ASD and 3.2. His new phrase is "my turn" which in my eyes is the greatest thing ever, as he is learnign to share! Although, does have its downside, as he thinks that he can now get anything he likes by saying it, including my drinks [hmmm]

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