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dsrplus8 Wed 29-Oct-08 23:14:31

hiya smile what do u think about the little id tags with info on them? , a freind suggested i get one for dd4 as she might escape and cant talk.anyone got one? have got the mummy im here alarm attatched her clothing (teddy bear ,llyods chemist)is that, enough or am i getting parinoid?(excuse the spelling,im thick!)

bubblagirl Thu 30-Oct-08 08:32:26

im crap at spelling lol i have tags on all my ds clthing got a metal id tag sent from america with my information not his name just i have autism and cannot communicate i amy be lost please call my mummy something like that and i got 3 made on e bay for about 3 pound saying

please help this child has autism
i may be lost and have difficulties communicating with you
could you please help me by using the contact details below

then it has my home and mobile number

well worth getting i have one on each coat

rosie69 Thu 30-Oct-08 09:15:27

Hi, if you go to, they do loads of ID jewellery, i got the fun wristbands for my dd who is 4 and non verbal, they have lovely designs with changeable straps and will engrave anything that you want on them. I also have the temporary tatoos from them, my dd has the autism ones, they come with a special pen to write details on the tatoo and wipes to remove them, they are really good if you think your dd might not like wearing the wrist band, perfect for a day out or on holiday.

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