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How to get High rate mobility for child with ASD

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asdmumandteacher Wed 29-Oct-08 20:45:10

Have tried and tried. He is currently on LRM and HRC. He cannot walk unrestrained as he has obsessions with the wheels of cars etc and would run in the road to see them better. He has no understanding of Stop/Danger/Waiting...anyone have any handy hints?

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 29-Oct-08 20:53:51

Have written about it here. The NAS link is very good, takes you through what you need to get across. At the end I asked them to take into consideration the Megarry case. It was awarded first time.

If your son's IQ is untestable - it will count as below 55 & so you can get it on 'severe mental impairment'.

asdmumandteacher Wed 29-Oct-08 20:55:40

Thanks so much - will check it outsmile

daisy5678 Wed 29-Oct-08 21:13:24

Currently going through Tribunal appeal for the same thing for the same reason.

1st Tribunal was adjourned while waiting for yet another report from J's consultant which arrived today. New Tribunal not till January angry

I have loads of info about this and have written lengthy letter to them about it which you can have if you want - if you put your email address on here, I'll send it to you.

The key issues are:

severe behavioural problems
arrested or incomplete development of the brain (which the DWP now accept autism as being) with severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning

All this is called the severe mental impairment rule.

As Jimjams says, Megarry means that they have to look at 'useful' intelligence, not just IQ. I argued that, although J does not have severe learning difficulties (which was the main argument from the DWP, even though severe learning difficulties are not mentioned in the criteria), he functions as though he does at times, as he is unable to apply his intelligence usefully in real life.

It's a legal minefield, apparently - the Triubnal service got DWP to send one of their senior people to my tribunal to contest my claim and he said that these are the most difficult cases as it's down to your
definition of intelligence.
Good luck!

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