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If I have to hear one more minute of Carrie and Davids popshop I will have a meltdown.

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AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 29-Oct-08 11:51:06

DS goes through these phases. First it was Boo', then Balamory, then In the night garden. It's now Popshop. We have had the same episode on four times this morning purely because he freaks out and starts hitting the tv the second it finishes. I need to try and be firm, he can't watch tv all day fgs. How do you deal with this sort of thing?

(normally I'd take them out to the park but I'm waiting for a roofer to arrive so stuck in today)

TotalChaos Wed 29-Oct-08 13:57:11

sometimes I just redirect to an educational type DVD - numbers, letters etc. Other times just take a stance and cope with the shrieking. And unplug the TV to stop DS putting it on himself.

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 29-Oct-08 14:39:24

Thanks. He won't watch anything unless it's the 'one'.

I suppose that's a good thing I did actually unplug the tv, I've tried pretending the remote is lost before too. He's been happily playing with DD and his trains for over an hour now, I'm enjoying the peace.

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 29-Oct-08 14:40:33

he has actually learnt lot from popshop too, he always brings his drum , keyboard and cymbals and plays and sings along.

It's just so trying at times isn't it?

dsrplus8 Sun 02-Nov-08 22:57:58

oooh my dd4 is like that.shreck is my tormentor,so we branched out and got shreck 2&3. also obtained shreck the stuffed toy, shreck im from a happymeal figure and princess fiona actionfigure( as in figure out where that came from: omg i think dd4 is sticky fingered)hmm.still ,anything to avoid the meltdowns grin

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