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Cranial Sacral therapy - Wow i wish i had ds on this before

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mamadadawahwah Wed 09-Mar-05 17:06:18

As a follow up on previous thread about what will happen during this treatment, I thought I would let others know how great it was. Turns out he is very tight in the tempal region and around his head. she said so many things that made sense, particularly things about birth trauma.

I wanted to share with you an author she suggested who writes about birth trauma (mine was pretty bad) His name is William Emerson and if anyone has read him, maybe you could tell me the best book by him as he had written loads.

For the first time in two years, my son followed directions and when told by the therapist, go to momma, he came to me. Coincidence? I dont know, but i am over the moon!

mamadadawahwah Wed 09-Mar-05 17:06:44

About time too cause the last two months I have been out of my mind with worry.

Pages Fri 11-Mar-05 16:57:21

Really pleased for you,mwd - interesting, too as my DS had birth trauma and it really seemed to help him.

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