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Pull ups for a ten year old ??

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Lozzy100 Sun 26-Oct-08 18:38:05

Hi Guys,

I was hopeing we would not need to go back down this road, Jade is still not clean in the day, and i have kept her in normal knickers since the age of 7, but it is not working, she is wetting herself at school and at home, but she tends to hide her dirty knickers than put them in the wash, she also cannot wipe herself still, anyway i am trying to see if there is anywhere that make pull ups for kids of her age, i have tried boots etc, i am going to get her to see the gp AGAIN, and see if we can request they do tests now to see why she is having problems, everyone is telling me that she is simply lazy but i dont buy this, she has GDD and is 3-4 years behind in everything, she still cant brush her own teeth etc.

Anyway would love to hear if any one knows where i can get these pull ups for her, and also if her mainstream school will allow her to wear them at school, i am just sick of her getting bullied and want to help my child, and i think this will help her, apart from when she does P.E but i am sure the school will allow her to change away from the others?? if they dont then i am hopeing that she can go to a special needs school for which i am fighting for.

Many thanks Lorraine x

geekgirl Sun 26-Oct-08 18:46:06

Hi Lozzy, you know you'll get them on prescription, don't you? But just to tide you over you could buy some from here or you could get some 'pyjama pants' from the supermarket or Boots, they're pretty much the same thing and go up to 10+.

I don't really have much experience of incontinence issues, but does your Child Dvelopment Centre have a SN behavioural nurse? There's a great one at our CDC who advises on sleep, continence, general behaviour etc. Do you have a paediatrician you could go through, rather than just the GP? I find GPs can be a bit hopeless when it comes to SN issues...hmm

geekgirl Sun 26-Oct-08 18:47:56

DryNites come in size 8-15. I've seen this in Asda & Boots.

jenk1 Sun 26-Oct-08 19:10:47

lozzy, agree with geekgirl, you should be able to get them on presecription, we do for DD and she is 4.5,its not fair you having to pay for them.

your GP can refer to a bowel clinic or a paediatrician,ask them to,sounds like you need some help, we saw a paed for dd and his advice was just to leave her for the time being,he wrote letters to school for us telling them that to force her to train would be counterproductive.

DD is also under CAMHS and they have said the same (and written to school) that shes, not to be forced until shes ready.


sugarcandymountain Sun 26-Oct-08 19:21:36

Grr, why don't the docs tell you that they're available on prescription - I've been using DryNites as DS (aged 9) has never been dry at night, but the cost does add up.

The paed he's been seeing has said that he can have tablets to keep him dry at night - I don't know if there is something similar to last her through the school day? I don't know if you'd want to go down that route as I'm not sure what the side effects are (not got the first prescription yet).

Also might be worth looking at pads rather than pull-ups, they are more discreet but don't offer as much protection. But she'd be able to wear normal knickers which would help re the situation at school.

mum24boyz Sun 26-Oct-08 20:57:59

sugarcandy, they dont provide them for nightime. my ds3 is still totally incontinent so i get them, and its enough for nightime aswell, but you couldnt get them just for night. i agree that pullups might be a bit conspicuous on a 9 yr old, ds3 is 7 next month and i do feel for him as they are so obviously pull ups imo. not that he gives a damn. lozzy maybe dd is having the accidents cos she is so worried about it, maybe a short spell back in pull ups might relax her a little and get her back on track. good luck

ewwwmy2shoesarefullofblood Sun 26-Oct-08 22:43:49

Huggies pull ups have been the best, but I can't get them form the incontinece people anymore. dd is dry but I put her in them at night, just in case.
you need to get in touch with your local incontince people and get them to provide the stuff for free.

geekgirl Mon 27-Oct-08 07:59:09

hmm at all these regional variations - it's not on! dd2 only wears pull-ups at night - has done for nearly 4 years - and gets them on prescription.

filz Mon 27-Oct-08 08:09:01

Lozzy, I am in Kent and I think you may come under the same continence authority as me. They have just recently brought in new rules which allow pull ups to be provided on the continence service. Ring your nurse and ask. Apparently they have to consider it if a toilet program is in place at school and at home and if the child is 'older' (ie. they need access..)

My dd is 9 and the pyjama pants do fit but they are an expense

magso Mon 27-Oct-08 10:42:14

You need to get the support of the continance services. The Gp, specialist or school nurse should be able to refer you. If frequent soiling is a problem referal to a bowel specialist is wise. Some areas like ours say they do not support children, unless diagnosed with a disability very young. We changed specialist recently to get paediatric nursing support ( including continance) although it has taken a long time. There are various things that can be tried and we are now getting medical support but still waiting for NHS pull ups (and ds is 9 next week). We have tried traditional nappies but they cant be opened to allow toilet use when child does remember! We have recently started using Curity sleep pants (for young people- they come out a bit small so ds uses large even though he should fit a medium) with an extra pad for night use. They are plain white and priced slightly cheaper than drynights and adult products. But the cost of incontinance products is difficult.
Tena do pull ups in various absorbancies for ladies and unisex so the smallest size might fit - but would need ordering. They will send out samples - one of which comes in XS. I find them costly. The largest boots stock a s-m pull up - looks too big for kids. I will try and post the web addresses later( ds needs attention)

magso Mon 27-Oct-08 11:13:34

Ps forgot to say if frequent wetting is the problem there is medication that may help to improve holding ability so you might need a specialist. We struggled for years unsupported (ds has a bowel problem too). Just having a specialist nurse I could phone can be really helpful! Good luck! 0800393431 for tena samples. Curity sleep pants from they work!

reiver Tue 28-Oct-08 11:03:31

Lozzy, I found some undies from Next, called girls boxer briefs which help cover the pullups better than normal knickers. Other shops no doubt do them too. You do need them in a larger size but they help to conceal. Sorry to hear she's getting bullied over this.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Tue 28-Oct-08 11:49:33

We use dry nights for ds1 (aged 9). They fit with plenty of room to spare. We can't get free nappies (they don't come on prescription you get them from incontinence services- which vary in how much they provide between different areas) because ds1 is dry during the day.

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