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DLA claim result arrived today.

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Dingle Fri 24-Oct-08 00:49:20

After putting it all on my PC this year I realised how much information I had given, in the form of a 20+ page document.

At the time of completing it which was hard enough in itself as I am sure you will all understand, I was not only having awful issues with schooling (and I still am) but had my mum in hospital with her dialysis again.

Basically it was a really awful time. Today got the renewal results through and they have thankfully continued to give DD higher rate care and mobilitiy but they have only given it to her for 2 years this time. sad

She has had it in 3 year blocks before and the thought of having to do the draining forms again so soon has sort of taken the edge of off getting the result we'd hoped for.

Is this the "norm" or is the system just so random there is no norm.

She is almost 7 with DS. I live in the hope that one day she will "grow out" of having DS like some of the form imply that she will! hmmangry

lou33 Fri 24-Oct-08 01:32:23

i think it is random, initially ds2 got it for short periods, then they wrote saying he had it permanently, then they said it was a mistake and gave it for 5 yrs

it's mad because he has a disability that wont go away over time as you say, but they still want me to fill in that tome and say it all over again

vjg13 Fri 24-Oct-08 07:46:33

I think it's random too but you've been a bit unlucky to just get 2 years. It seems to need renewing quickly even when it's 3. sad

Someone I know appealed against the length of their award and it was increased.

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