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hertsnessex Wed 22-Oct-08 19:46:23

Anyone else out there with a child with dyspraxia?

My 4yo has just been diagnosed, ive known there was something different' for a couple of yrs.

went to see a private pead who was great with advice and tips as his son has it.

he said it is likely he will need a laptop for school. anyones child also use a laptop?

ds has it fairly mild - most problems relate to sequencing. he is a whizz on the laptop now and great at maths but reading and writing arent great and he is v clumsy.



MetalMummy Wed 22-Oct-08 20:05:05

My 4yo DS was diagnosed with dyspraxia in May. He has problems sequencing, fine and gross motor coordination problems and also speech problems. Once he was diagnosed the pead referred him to occupational therapy, has your pead done this? The OT did an initial assessment and then went into school and did an assessment there too. DS is now on School Action Plus and now uses junior caring cutlery (still has problems using them), pencil grips, a writing slope and does therapy to try to improve his coordination and strength everyday. The OT then referred him to physiotherapy and he has his first appointment with them in November. He has also been having speech therapy since March.

hertsnessex Wed 22-Oct-08 20:20:05

thanks for your response.

my ds is getting a referral to an OT now. hoping this will help him and us to help him.

we have already been changing the way we interact with him, and this has helped alot.

going to spk to his teacher tomorrow again and also see the senco at school.


cherryliquormonster Wed 22-Oct-08 23:56:29

my 7 yo son has dyspraxia. i received his report from the OT a couple of days ago. he was actually diagnosed last summer and has been on school action plus since last sept. everything seems to be taking forever though, am waiting for the OT to go into school and sort out what needs to be done

loonywoman Sat 25-Oct-08 15:46:50

My 5 year old daughter has dyspraxia. I went to a talk by Dr Amanda Kirby who is the leading research professor on dyspraxia (as well as a parent of dyspraxic son) and she was brilliant. She runs the Discovery centre in Wales - their website is Also, there is an organisation called the dyspraxia foundation who run local support groups.

Everything does take forever to get done. I have had to fight all the way to get my daughter assessed and we are still not fully there (she has social communication and behavioural difficulties as well). You need to be really organised - I have a spreadsheet detailing all of the professionals involved in her case and what has happened at each appointment / what i need to chase. At one stage, I was spending about 10 hours per week just on admin involved in her special needs.

Good luck

VHam Fri 31-Oct-08 18:22:27

Hi my son was diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia when he was three. We have been very lucky with the help we were given but had some really rough times on the way. He used to bite and pinch his sisters, refuse to cooperate with specialists. We had to send him to a speech and language special school when he was three until he started school at 4 in a privite taxi 3 times a week over 20 miles away. I have since learnt quite a bit about dyspraxia and am able to run a program called fun fit. It is focussed on children with pysical dyspraxia and works really well to develop balance, co-ordination and concentration. Ask your school if they have fun fit or simular programs to support your child. It is usually delivered just before school starts for 15 minuites 4 -5 times a week. My son struggles with reading and writting and has very low self esteem. He still struggles to understand that he needs help with processing information and is unco-operative with specialists. He bangs his head and has been known to bite himself. I am going to look into what to do next as the school are helping him but he is currently between spealists- dyspaxia and dyslexia and hates school with a vengence.

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