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PDA as a seperate diagnosis on its own????????

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jenk1 Tue 21-Oct-08 22:30:36

The NAS have said for a long time that they consider PDA to be part of ASD and not a seperate condition,yet ive just read this on their website.


we think dd has this and thats why shes baffled so many professionals cos she is social but has difficulties and she ticks all the dx boxes for PDA,will be interesting to see what CAMHS say about it when we see them shortly.

magso Wed 22-Oct-08 11:02:29

Describes ds (nearly 9) rather well too - although he also has LD, language delay, and is very hyperactive. He was 8 before he got his Dx of autism - partly because his eye contact is variable (often good with paeds he needs to stare out grin) and he has a strong desire for social contact! We are still waiting for full evaluation by CAMHS. It is over 4 years now.

bullet123 Wed 22-Oct-08 11:10:53

I was wondering with your dd if one of the reasons they are denying she is different and needs help is that they are looking too rigidly at her speech and language, rather than her interactions. On the surface her language seems to be typical in terms of sentence structure, grammatical construction, conversational ability, from what you've posted (or am I reading things wrong), but I'm presuming she has difficulties with what she says. Eg making inappropriate comments, being seen as too demanding/controlling, dominating a conversation, would that be right or is there more to it?

jenk1 Wed 22-Oct-08 12:33:16

no that sounds right about dd,she is totally controlling and demanding,thrives on routines,although not all the time,she has sensory difficulties as well.

she has hemiparesis tho and i know that many children show signs of an asd with this condition but its the condition that makes them frustrated,we had her privately asessed earlier this year and he said PDD-NOS but with PDA thrown in as well.

eg,when she decides she likes an adult eg a teacher or nurse etc she will tell them the story about when DH and DS weed in the trees (this happened 18 mths ago coming back from a long journey) and she waits and watches their reaction,she has told the teacher this,she also has told the teacher that she loves her!!!!

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