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DD ill again--it's not fair

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Arabica Tue 21-Oct-08 16:18:45

DD has just got over a horrible stomach bug which turned into a temporary lactose intolerance. I stopped all dairy products, she was fine for a few days--and now has suspected UTI. sad
She has been ill all weekend with high fever, has stopped eating, is hardly samiling, has been doing a LOT of crying and just wants to cling like a sad little monkey baby. GP's given me antibiotics but I sort of want to wait until the UTI is confirmed, as it could just be a virus, in which case she will be taking antibiotics for no good reason...

SixSpotBonfire Tue 21-Oct-08 16:22:10

Oh Arabica, poor dd and poor you sad.

If you do give the antibiotics, you can give her that powder stuff (mixed in yogurt or whatever) which offsets the worst effects - can't remember for the life of me what it is called but they have it in the health food section of FResh and Wild - tis expensive though. Probiotic something or other I think.

Arabica Tue 21-Oct-08 16:47:49

Thanks 6-spot. Yes I have some (expensive) acidophilus left over from the last infection which needed ABs. I suppose it's particularly depressing because she spent her last winter being ill with one thing after another, and lost her appetite.

SixSpotBonfire Tue 21-Oct-08 17:26:29

Oh yes, that's the stuff.

It is very depressing when they are ill, isn't it. DS3 was very poorly at the beginning of the summer holidays and as a result stopped eating the only "proper" cooked meal he would have (pasta with ham, vegetables and sauce).

BriocheDoree Tue 21-Oct-08 18:30:50

Sorry to hear about DD. Poor her and poor you. Hope she gets better soon!

Arabica Tue 21-Oct-08 21:22:27

Thanks. She has had a few spoonfuls of soup, but she's still very droopy. Let's hope the ABs do some good.

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