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DLA applying for mobility and Care

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CharleeInChains Mon 20-Oct-08 17:06:31

Hi just a quick Q to any of you wtoh children who claim Disability Living Allowence.

My ds is 4 he gets high rate for care but was turned down a yr ago for mobility.

I would like to re apply as he does sturggle with mobility but don;t want to have to reapply for the care part as well.

Can you claim for mobility by itself or would i have to reclaim both care and mobility?

I hope that makes sense. smile

misscutandstick Mon 20-Oct-08 17:33:04

<<watches with interest>>

pushkar Mon 20-Oct-08 17:48:27

not sure but the people to ask is contact a family charity, they wrote a letter for us to dla who were going to cut our care to low they have fantastic templates to work with along with your own situation to say the right jargon please contact them and they will write the letter for you and please take your dla letter with you..when you see them, our claim cane back very quick as most appeals win as most people don't comlain or appeal!

bubblagirl Mon 20-Oct-08 17:53:14

i was told you can apply for mobility again once child reaches 3 half but only just been awarded DLA so not 100% clued up on it but from what they said if i need to apply then when ds is 3 half then i can

HelensMelons Mon 20-Oct-08 17:55:08

Might be of help but the Citizen's Advice Bureau have also been a big help to me. They also saw me through a tribunal - which we won!!

Hope that helps coz it can be a bit overwhelming!

mehgalegs Mon 20-Oct-08 17:55:33

Yes you can. My DS4 is 3, he has received middle rate care for the past 2 years and we heard today that he will get higher rate mobility.

I filled in DLA form for mobility only as his care part hadn't changed. We didn't need to reaaply for care

busybeingmum Mon 20-Oct-08 21:47:10

Message withdrawn

mehgalegs Mon 20-Oct-08 21:50:25

We recieved a pack with both forms but it said that if his care needs had not changed to just fill in and return the mobility one.

pinkcandyfloss Mon 20-Oct-08 22:23:03

Yes. DS1 got middle rate care from the age of 2 and a half. We applied for mobility when he was 4 and we didn't need to reapply for care at the same time.

choccynutter Mon 20-Oct-08 23:41:01

you don't need to apply for both jst mobilty my friend done it resonly

Dingle Tue 21-Oct-08 00:22:53

How old is he exactly? Just thinking at 3 you can only qualify for High rate mobility so if he doesn't qualify you get nothing.

At 5 a child can also get lower rate mobility, so it depends how near you are to his 5th birthday.

cherryliquormonster Tue 21-Oct-08 00:30:18

i am about to apply for dla for my 7yo ds, i pretty sure i will get the lower or middle rate personal care but i not sure about mobility. he can walk fine but needs a lot of supervision when out and about as he has no road sense at all and is liable to run off (he got hit by a car outside home in may as he ran into the road without looking) any advice please???

bubblagirl Tue 21-Oct-08 09:07:38

not too much information im afraid but will need to get back onto them about my ds as he in last 2 weeks as nearly got himself run over 4 times refuses to walk crawls on floor was able to go out without pushchair he is 3.6 but dont feel safe to do so now as its so unpredictable

just write down all senarios make sure you compare to a nt child such as a normal 7 yr old can listen to instruction

one thing is its the most heartbreaking form to do you have to be so negative about your child so get someone to help you fill it in and dont attempt to do all in one day good luck

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