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Bless Dh...

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eidsvold Mon 07-Mar-05 06:23:27

I have been mrs cranky pants lately - bit stressed as dd2 has been unsettled over the past couple of weeks and dd1 has so much on that it seems like we were never at home - cue one tired, cranky mummy who was sooo annoyed by the littlest things.

Well out of the blue the other night dh told me he was concerned I was feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed. WOuld I like to go to a nearby resort for a pampering spa day...

what do you think - I would like to go but can he cope with the two dd's for the whole day.... and as I am breastfeeding dd2 ( although she can have formula - so okay his end) what do I do with expressing etc.....

Although our car is just about dead and so we will need another one - strapped for cash and I am sure the money it would cost for my pampering day would be better put towards the next car.....

so... do I or don't I?

pipsy1 Mon 07-Mar-05 06:26:58

Do it!!
There is always a 'more sensible' use for money, but in perspective, a spa day is worth its weight in gold for the relaxation, feeling of pampering it gives. I went recently and it was heaven to feel a woman again rather than a haggard old Mum. Its a real treat, but I think you deserve it, and it will be good for DH to have a go by himself at home - sure he will manage just fine but appreciate you all the more when you get home!

KarenThirl Mon 07-Mar-05 08:34:13

Get your bag packed immediately, woman! You can't possibly say no to that, it will do you the world of good to get away for a bit and as Pipsy has said, it's more than worth the money. Have a great time.

JakB Mon 07-Mar-05 09:02:20

Bless him!!!!!
Go for it, go for it, go for it, go for it....

Frizbe Mon 07-Mar-05 09:03:26

do it now! the best thing you can do for a good relax.

coppertop Mon 07-Mar-05 09:09:46


The other alternative of course is to put the money towards cloning your dh and sending me a clone. <sigh>

Davros Mon 07-Mar-05 09:21:08

If its your thing then I think you should go. It wouldn't be my thing personally, I'd rather spend the money getting someone else to look after the kids and go somewhere for a posh meal with DH.

lou33 Mon 07-Mar-05 09:33:05


ThomCat Mon 07-Mar-05 12:57:42

bless him indeed. Go for it girl.

Merlot Mon 07-Mar-05 17:20:02


eidsvold Tue 08-Mar-05 02:36:37

okay - I decided I would - I think I could do with the break.

I feel a bit wimpy - other mums must surely be coping with more than I do and not get overwhelmed - but I guess in hindsight it has been a very big year for us - leaving the UK to move to the other side of the world and of course having dd2.

Now just have to get the loan for the car sorted and get one - or if my luck holds out I might win one in a competition I have entered

thanks for not making me feel wimpy.....

Davros Tue 08-Mar-05 09:24:41

Good for you Eidsvold and good luck with the competition

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