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Moondog wants to share a useful resource for young people with SN who need to know about basic sex education.

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moondog Thu 16-Oct-08 22:50:55

My colleague Edwin (LD nurse and professional musicican) is developing songs around themes such as masturbation, safe sex and smear test. It is an idea still very much in its infancy but he has a website on which you can listen to the songs recorded to date.

I plan to produce sign and symbol supported material to go with them.

It would be useful to get as much feedback as possible on this so please check out his website Songs for your body


BriocheDoree Fri 17-Oct-08 08:18:03

Ooh, that's such a good idea. Mine are much too young but I remember when I used to volunteer with young adults it was a real problem...I mean keeping people properly informed while respecting their right to do what they want! I'll have a listen later. smile

TopBitch Sun 19-Oct-08 20:04:43

What a super idea! Is he going to some songs on puberty as well? I haven't had a chance to see the website, so sorry if he has already.

Seuss Sun 19-Oct-08 21:42:33

Will have to check it out tomorrow but a brilliant idea. I do worry a lot about how ds will grasp these things - and I know a lot of other parents that do too - so anything that makes it all easier is GREAT!!!

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