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thinking about how to introduce new baby to DS.

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staryeyed Thu 16-Oct-08 13:22:30

DS is 3.5 ASD. I am currently 13 weeks pg and I know its a while off yet but I want to be prepared for when the baby comes. Ds does not have much understanding and Im not sure how he will react to a new brother/sister. My guess is he will probably ignore them. I was just wandering what techniques you have used to prepare your SN children for a sibling?

melmamof3 Thu 16-Oct-08 16:02:49

Hi staryeyed, Im going through same dilema myself. ds2 has ASD and due 3rd baby in 6 weeks. I done a thread on it, might be helpful, I know I did.

here it is

It has reassured me in a lot of ways, as this wasnt a planned pregnancy, was actually told could never conceive naturaaly, and had to have fertility treatment to get ds1 and 2, so complete shock. Fell pregnant practically the same weekend me and hubby decided not to have any more kids (go figure)

Hope you are managing fine with pregnancy, and your ds isnt tressing you out too much

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