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autism and gulping noises

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mamadadawahwah Sat 05-Mar-05 15:47:06

Does anyone know if it is true that autistic kids make gulping noises in the back of their throat? I know this sounds weird but i was describing my son to someone who works with autistic children and she was saying that they do this. My son who is 2, makes a gggg sound but it isnt gulping.Just gag gag gag.

Any ideas?

Chocol8 Sat 05-Mar-05 18:37:41

My ds does this - (7yo/ADHD/AS) I asked recently about verbal stimming on MN - but saying this, I used to make a sort of grunting noise when I was about the same age. I am hoping he grows out of it as I did, as it is quite annoying and he can't eat or speak without doing it, although it does tend to be worse if he is stressed.

Because I did it too and know others who have done it, makes me think it's not just an auti thing, but I could be wrong.

coppertop Sat 05-Mar-05 18:44:55

Neither of my 2 boys have ever done this. I can't say that it's ever been mentioned to us either.

Socci Sat 05-Mar-05 19:10:33

Message withdrawn

JaysMum Sat 05-Mar-05 20:10:18

J does make a horrid gagging sound.....sometimes he does it so much it actaully makes him sick!!!!
Also he sucks and tuts a lot especially when trying to get his words out and they wont come in the right order.

macwoozy Sat 05-Mar-05 20:14:01

My ds tuts and hums at the same time, annoying.

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