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Cranial osteopathy and glue ear - positive results?

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Merlot Sat 05-Mar-05 10:35:58

Ds2 has now had 3 sessions with the CO.

Now maybe this is just co-incidence, but...

up until October ds2 was making no sounds other than ah ah and a sort of growl

Then he started to say mum mum and row row (13 months by this stage (hurray! )..

Then he got a terrible ear infection which lasted 3 months and he had 5 courses of antibiotics! Ear infection was always in the glue ear and he lost the mum mum and row row sounds entirely.

Well... last week, a day after the second CO appt, he started saying Mum Mum... two days later `T T' and then after this weeks session `Dad Dad'. Can't quite believe it!

Have to say that none of these sounds are said with any real understanding (except maybe Mum Mum )

Of course this all could be coincidence..ENT therapist said there is still evidence of some glue in his ear and confirmed that having glue in only one ear shouldn't make any difference to `speech`.......And I do know that this is not ds2's only problem, but have to say that I feel quite excited by this change. And until ds2's arrival I have been the complete sceptic about anything `alternative'.

mamadadawahwah Sat 05-Mar-05 18:15:50

How excited you must be!!! I am taking my son to a cranial sacral therapist next week and hope for similar results. the brain is a wonderful thing and maybe your child had some obstacles which needed pulling down, which you yourself could not reach.

So glad for you and keep us posted with progress!

pinkmama Sat 05-Mar-05 18:37:44

Thats brilliant merlot. We too had fantastic results with my dd who had almost constant ear infections and glue ear. Although it didnt seem to completely remove the fluid from the ear it made a significant difference and she didnt have anymore antibiotics!

Hope your success continues. I am now a complete convert!

beccaboo Sat 05-Mar-05 19:54:34

That's great to hear Merlot . I have had cranial osteopathy myself, it definitely works.

WestCountryLass Sat 05-Mar-05 20:31:56

It had brilliant results for my DS.

He failed his 8 month test, had regular hearing tests at our local hospitals audiology unit and after 12 months the audiologist said if he failed the next two tests they would want to give him grommets. I wanted to avoid the grommets as DS had already had a general, was prem and did not want him to have the procedure if it could be avoided.

So DS had CO treatments, at first once a week and then every fortnight until I was going once a month/every 6 weeks. The next time I took him to audiology his glue ear had cleared up.

According to his audiologist this was nothing to do with the CO...

heartinthecountry Sat 05-Mar-05 21:08:49

I am a complete believer in CO. I honestly notice a change in dd after she has been (about once a month) she just seems more 'alive' somehow. I know they are doing a lot of work on her central nervous system so maybe that isn't such a mad thing to say.

Also one of my very best friends is a CO (she works at the OCC in Manchester if anyone up there is interested) and I trust her entirely.

Merlot Sat 05-Mar-05 21:11:32

Thats really interesting HITC. Our CO wants to work on Matthews CNS once the glue ear issue is resolved

JaysMum Sat 05-Mar-05 21:27:29

So how do you find a CO????

Merlot Sat 05-Mar-05 22:10:12

Try here ?

JaysMum Sat 05-Mar-05 23:39:32

Oh Thanks Merlot....there is one right in our village....will give him a call because I have just been reading about the benefits of CO.
Has anyone tried reiki?????

Pages Sun 06-Mar-05 07:12:47

Hi, just wanted to say that DS1 also has a history of glue ear and ear infections in just one ear and like your DS, Merlot, has periodically started to babble and then stop. Last summer (when he came off the epilim) he started to talk and was copying just about everything I said for about two weeks and then he got another ear infection and the talking completely stopped. So I am not convinced that even though it is just one ear affected it hasn't affected speech development.

SC therapy is in my view fantastic. DS1 had it for colic when he was a couple of months old and in 2 sessions his colic was virtually gone. He has been having it for the past 7 or 8 months on and off to help him neurologically in general, but he is due to have a grommit put in in 2 weeks time - difficult decision but he has had so many ear infections I am concerned that it may keep coming back. I do think the SC therapy has helped in all respects. I will let you all know what happens after the grommit is in.

Merlot Sun 06-Mar-05 08:44:26

Thanks for sharing that Pages . I feel,like you, that the Glue ear is having a bearing (how much I dont know) on the amount of sound/babble ds2 makes.

Interestingly, our CO isnt against grommits per se. He said, right at the beginning, that sometimes they are necessary. It is rather sad, though, that CO's dont always get the same respect from audiologists/ENT surgeons. Our CO asked me not to mention the Cranial Osteopathy until after ds2 had been examined by ENT. I asked him why? `Well', he said, `I know of one instance where the timpanagram (sp) machine had registered a normal reading after months of flat line readings. When the mum mentioned that her child had been having treatment by a CO - the audiologist proclaimed that perhaps the machine wasnt working properly! Mum of course, knew otherwise, because her child was hearing so much more clearly and responding accordingly .

Pages Sun 06-Mar-05 11:12:01

In my experience it's not just CO's - any alternative treatment is dismissed as hocus pocus by the medical profession.

DS1 has also had homeopathy which had a profound effect on his health - this dramatically improved within a week or two of the treatment, and of course there was then a knock on effect on his development. We went to someone who came very highly recommended, and he is (somewhat unusually) an ex-GP who believes homeopathy to be more effect as a treatment. He detected the polio virus amongst other things in DS1s body and treated it. DS1 has never been vaccinated so he must have got this by contact.

I raised the possibility with the paed that the polio virus may have attacked DS1s nervous system/muscles - the symptoms DS1 was suffering at the time were, after all, very similar to those of polio, i.e paralysis of limbs (which can be temporary), fatigue, possible neck stiffness, etc (also symptoms of ME/CFS which is a whole different subject!) This theory was completely dismissed without even a moment's consideration.

It is a shame that a more holistic approach isn't adopted by the medical profession.

mamadadawahwah Sun 06-Mar-05 11:21:26

I know two doctors who have left the "profession" to practice "alternative" medicine, both in the vibrational medicine field.

Funny, doctors will leave to practice alternative medicine, but you NEVER hear of alternative medicine practitioners leaving to enter into mainstream medicine.

go figure

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