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SALT assessment - what next ?

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Eastyone Mon 13-Oct-08 14:56:57

Also posted in the SN education section please feel free to move

My son aged 9 has been attending speech and language therapy within the NHS for about two years. I referred him after a chat with a teacher who thought he would benefit from some extra help he has a problem with ch and j sounds. He has a mild hearing loss in one ear.
At school he has an IEP (no statement) and needs extra help with writing and communication skills (he is reluctant to ask for help and he sometimes finds it difficult to express himself). His maths is good as is his reading.
Initially he attended every three months he had 5 appointments each with a different SALT usually only lasting about 10 minutes and just practising the sounds. I have been asking each time for exercises / games / books that we could do together at home and each time told just practise the sounds.
At his last IEP review (which seems to work well) the SENCO asked about his speech therapy and I said we would keep attending but it didn?t seem to be a lot of help as he always saw someone different and didn?t really seem to be progressing. She then offered to call them and see what else they could offer. Over the summer he has had 4 appointments with a SALT and a ?full assessment? (probably about 3 hours in total).

The first 3 appointments were fine (same SALT) but the last and final part of the test were with a different SALT (who didn?t normally work at that centre) she was quite hurried and the test was completed quickly. She said my son was in the 5th percentile in two parts of the test and would need some therapy ? she would send some worksheets through and we would take it from there.
Today in the post a very brief A4 sheet has arrived stating this is ?a programme ?of therapy? It just mentions word groups and word pairs and gives a couple of examples.

My questions are:
What should happen after an assessment?
Should we be sent a copy or a review consultation?
With regards to the word exercises are there any worksheets? Online / websites I can join / or books as although I can devise some games around the examples I?m not sure they will be right
The recent assessment seems to have forgotten the original reasons we attended. After assessment is there a level at which they would no longer provide help?

Sorry for being so long winded and thanks for reading

TotalChaos Mon 13-Oct-08 15:08:07

My experience is of language delay, rather than problems with hearing/speech sounds, but I have had dealings with a number of NHS SALT. I would expect a written report after a formal assessment. I think first of all, you should phone up the lady you saw and explain you need more information about work to do with him. There is a website called Speechteach ( which has games to improve speech sounds.

Tclanger Mon 13-Oct-08 19:37:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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