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Autism, what are some good biographies, books, etc

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mamadadawahwah Fri 04-Mar-05 19:38:51

This is a whole new world to me and to many of you I suspect, this A word. Anyone have any suggestions of books to read by autistics and their families which could shed some light?

Jimjams Fri 04-Mar-05 20:10:44

Have a look at jessica Kinglsey's publications - she has loads. depends which bit of the spectrum you're looking at really. i found Lucy Blackman's book "lucy's story" stunning- but partly because she is incredibly similar to ds1.

website here

macwoozy Fri 04-Mar-05 20:16:11

I've got many books about Aspergers, but few about typical autism, but I do remember once being impressed with a book, but I can't remember the full title. Maybe someone else will know, it's "Why does (name) do that."
I've read several of your threads, and I can see you're very anxious about it, which I can understand, not because of the behaviour of your dd, I hasten to add, but because I know the overwhelming depair I felt when I realised my ds had ASD.

toomanypushchairs Fri 04-Mar-05 20:33:14

There is a book that has recently been in the top 10(it's won lots of awards) Think its called 'The curious incident of the dog in the nightime' didn't think it was a great story but it was an eye opening book, explaining why the boy did certain things

coppertop Fri 04-Mar-05 20:34:39

I liked Charlotte Moore's "George and Sam", Jacqui Jackson's "Multicoloured Mayhem" and Luke Jackson's "Freaks, Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome".

Davros Fri 04-Mar-05 20:34:59

I can't stand the (auto)biographies because they freak me out, I can only manage fiction and text books. I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and the best text book for my money is Autism, Understanding the Disorder by Gary Mesibov, Lynn Adams and Laur Klinger. Best book for finding out about and trying ABA is Behavioural Intervention for Young Children with Autism edited by Catherine Maurice and you could try reading Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice although I find it puke-making these days.

toomanypushchairs Fri 04-Mar-05 20:35:07

sorry, i've just checked on and this book is also about a boy with Aspergers.

Jimjams Fri 04-Mar-05 20:38:51

Let me hear your voice is totally puke making

I love George and Sam as well and found it warm and amusing, but it might be hard to read at the beginning of the journey (for want of a less cheesy way of putting it).

Davros Fri 04-Mar-05 20:41:36

I had to get DH to bury George & Sam in the back garden, and the book ha ha!! I couldn't handle it AT ALL with a nearly 2 year old we are HOPING is not on the autistic spectrum. I just don't like other people's real life stories and I can hardly bear to watch any TV programmes either. I think you either do other people's reality or you don't and I definitely don't, not second hand anyway.

Jimjams Fri 04-Mar-05 20:41:51

If you are interested in the hearing/sensory side of things then Stella Waterhouse A positive approach to autism is good (although not necessarily an easy read). Also Annabel Stehli's Sound of a miracle and Dancing in the Rain for more on AIT.

Jimjams Fri 04-Mar-05 20:44:41

I don't like the TV programmes Davros, but do like the books. A lot seem very irrelevent (the HFA/AS stuff) as it's not like my life. I did find Lucy blackman's book just stunning though, to the point where I want to write to her to say thank you!

There's that other book through the eyes of aliens written by someone non verbal ( I do find non verbal autistic writing fascintating but freaky) but she was nothing like ds1- Lucy Blackman just seemed almost identical. She even sings when cross (although not old macdonald!)

Socci Fri 04-Mar-05 20:50:06

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 04-Mar-05 20:53:45

Depends how scared you are about regression. I never worried about it with ds2 so it never bothered me.

Socci Fri 04-Mar-05 20:57:20

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 04-Mar-05 20:57:55

Let me hear your voice is totally puke making

I love George and Sam as well and found it warm and amusing, but it might be hard to read at the beginning of the journey (for want of a less cheesy way of putting it).

Jimjams Fri 04-Mar-05 20:59:11

how on earth did that happen?

basically sam regressed late- aged 4 i think- and badly. She puts it down to him overloading on gluten and casein.

Socci Fri 04-Mar-05 21:17:48

Message withdrawn

beccaboo Sat 05-Mar-05 00:17:39

I think I posted about George & Sam on another similar thread a while back. It was the first thing I read and gave me the total horrors, it was terrifying. I think it was because it's a picture of a future I was totally unprepared for.

BUT I still refer to it quite a lot, and I couldn't get ds on the gfcf diet fast enough after I'd read it.

I also read 'Unravelling the Mystery of Autism & Pervasive Developmental Disorder' by Karyn Seroussi, she set up a diet organisation in the States after her son was diagnosed. Also 'Facing Autism' by Lynn M Hamilton, which is a sort of handbook. These are both American publications, you can get from Amazon.

Pages Sat 05-Mar-05 10:03:46

Beccaboo, does the latter book you mentioned cover developmental delay alone without autism? I am desperate for something to read but can't find anything - my child has developmental delay but not autism.

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