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Getting a SICK NOTE from your DOCTOR for your ASD Child??/

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MrsFROSTgetful Fri 04-Mar-05 10:47:57

was on a autism website last night and loved the suggestion by someone that if your ASD child is in mainstream and unsupported and not coping so is maybe destructive at school or home that you sould get your GP to 'sign them off school for a week' just like if an adult had stress/anxiety and would be allowed a week or too to 'recharge their batteries'

This would be graet i immagine....but has anyone actually done it!?!!!!

Chocol8 Fri 04-Mar-05 10:56:17

That's a good idea - I can't see why there should be any problems with that!
I was tempted not to take ds to school this morning as the weather was SO BAD! When I told him the school was open and he had to go, he burst into tears and attached himself to my front begging not to take him. I nearly gave in as he was distraught!

The only thing that changed his mind was that I told him I was picking him up early as we have an appointment to view his new school (not that he knows this yet) and I had made up jelly for lunch oh, and that he would get to wear his new wellies!

If I has kept him off and told them that he was not feeling well, he would have told them on Monday that he was fine and mummy just told them that - there is a definite downfall to not being able to tell lies sometimes! Hi MrsF! x

MrsFROSTgetful Fri 04-Mar-05 11:01:39

thats how i feel with leigh...he can be so deathly pale and distaught at the time of going to school- and i feel so bad for taking him....but am worried that once i start keeping him home- i will then have to force the other 2 to go- as they will think it unfair that leigh stays home.

am really considering home ed for leigh- an author i know of posts on another autie website- and he promotes 'flexi schooling' at leigh is only 8...but i reckon he'd flourish if only he could be part educated at home and then join school for group activities

so this is my latest 'research')

Really hope he loves the school- will he start after easter??? (if so that is exactly what i did last year- )

Chocol8 Fri 04-Mar-05 11:30:53

Yes, he'll start after Easter - I have just filled in the forms for the transfer and will drop them off this afternoon.

I would like to know about the flexilearning - it sounds ideal - if you could let me know I would be grateful MrsF.

Ds has no concept that he is moving schools so am unsure as to what to tell him today. I have a meeting with an SEN officer from the LEA at 12 noon today and have just been told that the head (ugh!) wants to join us for the beginning of the meeting (not happy but agreed that we could chuck her out to speak in private after a few minutes).

Wish me luck, but if you could tell me how you told your ds about the new school and how he took it, that would really help with telling my ds. Thanks, will be back later this afternoon. x

coppertop Fri 04-Mar-05 12:01:56

Fingers crossed that your meeting is going well, Chocs.

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