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Swallowing difficulty woes :(

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delllie Thu 03-Mar-05 19:29:19

Its been a couple of weeks since I did our introduction on here and as yet I haven't had chance to join in with the board - apologies for that but here is the first of probably many of my questions!!!

DD was 3 in January and still won't swallow lumps, her staple diet still consists of milk (fortini) and mostly 4 month old baby jar food and anything of a 'yoghuty consistency'. Anything any thicker - forget it!! Having said that she has come a long way, as a infant she would never drink anymore than 1-2oz at a time until we finally had her reflux diagnosed at 18 months (a long story that I will bore you with one of the days!!) She did then start drinking normal amounts...she had turned 2 before she swallowed yoghurt and only really the last 3-4 months has she been consistently swallowing purees (but they do have to be very sloppy). The most frustrating part of all this is that L doesn't actually mind having the food in her mouth, she will quite happily munch and chew on most table foods, its just the swallowing part she can't do. If she 'accidently' swallows she gags and is usually sick.
DD's old SALT thought that she had a 'sensory feeding problem due to the negative experience of acid refluxing in her mouth' and told us that it would take time for DD to overcome this and basically just to keep offering the food. DD started full day special needs nursery in September and I had high hopes that they would help her overcome this, they are supposed to be very good in this dept but it seems that DD has even them beat!
Has anyone else experienced this with their children and have any gone on to actually eat proper food? (I would kill to see DD eat a sandwich!!)
DD has had a barium swallow that ruled out any 'abnormalities' or 'aspiration' bt did confirm the reflux and DD is globally delayed so we can't just tell her to swallow as she doesn't understand.

Thanks in advance!!

ThomCat Thu 03-Mar-05 20:39:52

No advice whatsoever, sorry, just wanted to bump this up a bit.

JAKEJEM Thu 03-Mar-05 22:57:18

Mirror image of my son - 3 in July. Diagnosed Reflux at 9 months - under Great Ormand St Hospital London. Barium negative. On 4 month pureed food/yoghurts. Will not tolerate any lumps - just gags and chokes - very sad and frustrating
You are the 1st person that I have known with same problems as my son.

delllie Fri 04-Mar-05 18:50:50

Thank you Thomcat for bumping!!

Jakejem, we must be a rare lot as I don't know anyone else either!!!, It is a releif for someone to understand what we are going through!!

Has your son been offered any feeding therapy?? We are supposed to be being refferred to a 4 week feeding therapy course but I am not sure how useful that will be for DD as it is more about touching food and handling different textures and stuff, other than that all we have been advised to do is just to keep on offering different foods in the hope that one day she will swallow and realise it doesn't hurt. I'm just worried it is going to take forever!!

We are going to try and push for a ENT refferal as my DS has massive tonsils although he has no feeding problems, Can't get DD to open her mouth wide enough to check hers but wonder whether it could be something 'as simple' as that to blame??

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