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Canvassing opinion - school transport

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r3dh3d Thu 09-Oct-08 11:11:33

Help me settle an argument with the Head! grin My gut feel is that transport is a mess generally atm. The govt has told LEAs to renegotiate contracts with a view to cost-cutting and I think things have gone tits up as a result. I've seen soooo many threads about rubbish transport recently, I'm sure it's more than there used to be.

What do you reckon? Has your transport changed? Is it changing? Is it rubbish or just the same?

streakybacon Thu 09-Oct-08 12:04:24

Personally, I wouldn't go near LEA transport because of all the horror stories I've heard from parents. I'm not convinced it's safe enough tbh, and I wouldn't put my ds in a car with someone I don't know and can't vouch for.

I'm sure there will be others with positive stories of transport but I haven't heard any.

I think you'r right though, cost-cutting does seem to be the reason but that's not good enough imo.

SaintRiven Thu 09-Oct-08 12:28:41

its ok'ish. The bus is the oldest in the world and breaks down though. But the schools 3 miles away and I'm buggered if I'm walking that far.

cory Thu 09-Oct-08 13:23:39

We get a taxi and tbh it's a choice between that and dd not attending school at all. Have just had a grumble about the new driver, but if they can only replace him with the one from last week, I'll be happy.

busybeingmum Thu 09-Oct-08 13:49:25

Message withdrawn

FioFio Thu 09-Oct-08 13:51:24

Message withdrawn

Seuss Thu 09-Oct-08 14:03:09

I can't grumble about ours - if anything it's got better this year. New bus,same escort who is great, new driver but he is also great (although the old one was really nice too). It even comes a bit earlier now, which was my one grumble before...sorry to hear we are in the minority though!

PheasantPlucker Thu 09-Oct-08 14:05:31

Ours got sent out to tender, initially things were DREADFUL. A year on (and after lots of snotty emails/phone calls from parents to the LEA) we have a lovely driver, a fantastic escort, and 2 other children in the car with dd (7 seater, so lots of space) and we feel dd1 is cared for, safe and - sorry if this sounds a bit 'bleurk' - but very loved on her bus. So dd's is wonderful for her 2 days at special school without us taking her.

vjg13 Thu 09-Oct-08 14:45:29

We have a great driver and escort at the moment, same as last year too which was a bonus. smile

But, My LEA have changed their rules and won't do extra trips like taking kids to respite that they used to and rumours of more cuts. sad

2shoesdrippingwithblood Thu 09-Oct-08 15:13:56

ours is eine, the driver is mad but the dc's like him, and he puts in loads of effort.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Thu 09-Oct-08 15:46:02

We had a bad start this year, but the driver is fine now - happy and friendly. The escorts are lovely. I'm quite shocked at the penny pinching on escorts in other LEA's though. Buses here have 2 escorts, taxis 1.

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