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Please have a look at my profile

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2shoeprintsintheblood Tue 07-Oct-08 17:07:56

U have just put a pic of dd on it. it was a couple of years ago and she went to hindleap waren and well.......have a look

dustystar Tue 07-Oct-08 17:09:02

lol she looks like she had fun!grin

bogie Tue 07-Oct-08 17:12:01

looks great! I bet she had soo much fun

2shoeprintsintheblood Tue 07-Oct-08 17:22:32

she looks worried though lol
she was so sorry when the black bag full of muddy clothes cam home lol(I just laughed) took 3 washes to get them clean

Tclanger Tue 07-Oct-08 17:23:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FioFio Tue 07-Oct-08 17:24:05

Message withdrawn

SaintRiven Tue 07-Oct-08 18:10:57

you never took your burden out in public? Shame.
How on earth did she get so covered?

silverfrog Tue 07-Oct-08 18:16:03

that's a fantastic picture grin

I remember going to an Old girl's day at my (posh-ish) school when dd1 was about 18 months old. dh came along to keep her occupied. It was chucking it down with rain, and when they came in to meet me at tea dd1 looked very like that - cue lots of horrified "what on earth has he let her do?!" comments. I laughed and took a photo of her lined up next to all the other Boden clad toddlers.

Nice to see children enjoying themselves

2shoeprintsintheblood Tue 07-Oct-08 18:44:10

striven, it was ok she went with the school, so all burdens together.....although shock horror she played football with normal children

SaintRiven Tue 07-Oct-08 19:25:20

it looks like someone tipped her flat onto the ground grin
You've lost your sainthood I notice....

2shoeprintsintheblood Tue 07-Oct-08 21:20:15

no she craweled through a tunnel and it was very muddy.
I was sooooooo happy.

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