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What do you think??

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eidsvold Thu 03-Mar-05 05:12:11

It has been a dream of mine to one day write a book... what English teacher has not had that dream.

I just am not sure what to write it about. A friend suggested I write about our experiences of raising dd1 and now dd2.

I just wonder whether anyone would want to read about our story..... or whether I just keep going until suddenly I have a wonderful thought drop into my head and start writing ( like that is going to happen)

what do you think??

Keane Thu 03-Mar-05 08:04:18

I think it would be a great idea eidsvold and why stop at one book? you can always write something on something else anyway!

MandM Thu 03-Mar-05 11:05:06

Eidsvold - it sounds like a great idea. Plus - even you don't know what amazing things are going to unfold in the later chapters yet - that would make it even more exciting to write!
Good luck - I really hope you see this idea through and that one day you can change your nickname to 'Published Author'!!!!

JaysMum Thu 03-Mar-05 11:21:15

I think its an excellent idea. I have kept a daily diary of all our battles to get J the help and support he needs.....hubby reads through it sometimes and says it would make a fantastic book...may be one day???????

MrsFROSTgetful Thu 03-Mar-05 11:47:43

....and i want to do a documentary about my family life.

I even take the DICTAPHONE with me when i collect the boys from school after on MONDAY DS2 (LEIGH) sobbing at home that
"sometimes i just feel i am a waste of life and should be dead"
This was after another 'Unsuported Day in so called Mainsteam/Inclusive Education'

J'sM- i am going through loads of yours threads about how you ended up home educating- I'm starting to feel even if the school was supportive and i was listened too etc....that just the fact that i that even the fact that i have 3 SEN kids with many needs that it may never be practicale to rely on a 'School'....being that so far this week i have had to deal with 5 problems at school--- written 2 letters......had i 45 minute 1 5 minute converation with Head then Senco....attended 1 parents meeting about statementing.....spent approx 3 hours preparing TOMS's homework so that it is structured to help him do it....and i feel exhausted all the time.

whilst investigating SATS info i discoverd heaps of curriculem stuf that i'm sure i could manage 70-80% of their schooling....but just worry about the other 20%

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