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any suggestions...........

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anniebear Wed 02-Mar-05 21:18:21

As most of you know, with a SN child lots of simple every day things can seem so difficult, going to certain places etc

Now I am even having trouble with shoes!!!

Couldn't believe it when I went to Clarkes to get Ellie some new shoes, and because she has gone into size 7 and a half, all the shoes, bar two, are a thin strap with velcro.

The other two looked like they were from the 70's and the other they had done a really funny shaped heel which I could imagine would make Ellie fall more than she already does!

I asked the lady at Clarkes did she think they gave as much support as the buckled shoes and she said no they don't give very good support. She suggested Start Right but I believe they are very dear??

Also with velcro Ellie can take them off more easily, which would be a good thing if she wasn't behind with her development , she will be able to take them off as much as she wants!! They could be lost outside very quickly!!

Looked at Hush Puppies but they were also velcro or just black school shoes plus I couldn't see any half sizes

I want her to have them fitted properly and not just go and buy some cheap ones as she is although she can walk and run, she tends to fall over quick a bit.

Can't believe I am even having problems with shoes!!!!

Has anyone any idea's on were I could look?


lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 21:34:16

does she need piedro boots ?

anniebear Wed 02-Mar-05 21:53:18

we asked about them a while ago but the Physio said that they can sometimes not allow the ankle to move at all and that she didnt think Ellie would need them.

Her ankles just tend to lean over slightly, turn in? not sure how to explain it!!!

Maybe will have to find somewhere that does Start Right and hope there is a sale!!!!!!

It is not a good time of year to buy shoes!! I dont want to get her boots as she wont have long in them but dont want to get any too summery as they will look funny with tights!!!

Oh the decisions!!!!!!

lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:12:04

our physios have always said trainers are pretty good and supportive, what about those?

MandM Thu 03-Mar-05 11:27:44

Anniebear - whereabouts in the country are you? The only reason I'm asking is that we have got three brilliant shops up here in Lancashire where I get BARGAIN shoes for dd. What I do when she needs new shoes is go to a Clarkes shop (on a rotating basis then they don't work out my cunning plan and put up Wanted posters!) and get dd properly measured, try on a few pairs then make a sharp exit. Armed with the correct measurements I then visit the bargain shops where they sell Clarkes/Start Right/Chipmunks/Cherokee (Tesco brand but really good quality/fit) shoes, boots, sandals and trainers for between £3-£6 pounds a pair! Dd has got SO many gorgeous shoes that people are always commenting on them and little do they know that her mother is really a secret cheap-skate! You should have seen me in the 25% of sale in January - I needed a trolley!!!!
If you are still struggling, you could always CAT me with sizes, address etc and I could arrange to buy some for you and send them on.

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