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Help! DS keeps undoing his seatbelt, can anyone recommend a safety harness?

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CaptainPlump Tue 07-Oct-08 08:25:19

DS is nearly 5 and autistic, and when we're out in the car he sits in his child seat in the back seat. It's one of the ones that you you secure with a seatbelt, but DS has jut discovered how hilarious it is to undo it when we're travelling at 70 miles an hour. He's also the kind of child who finds being told "NO" quite funny...

Yesterday he came home on his school bus and his escort told me that he's started undoing his seatbelt with them, too. She asked if I could tell him not to. (!!!) I had to laugh - I mean, she HAS met him and, presumably, dozens of other severely autistic nonverbal children, and ought to have some understanding of what he's capable of understanding. He might understand a "No" from her, as he's actually DOING it, but there's no way I can sit down with him at home and say "Now DS, please don't try and escape from your seat on the bus later."

Anyway, I've given her permission to use a safety harness on him when he's on the bus but have realised that I'd like one too and have no idea where to get one from. I've just passed my driving test and will soon be building up my courage to go out with him alone, but really don't want to be doing that while he still has the means to escape.

My only stipulation is that it has to be one that can be used in a back seat. The only one I've found online seems to be for use on a front seat and quite frankly I can't imagine anything more terrifying than DS in a temper in the front seat...

Thanks in advance, and sorry for waffling!

silverfrog Tue 07-Oct-08 08:28:27

Crelling do a range of harnesses.

I've just got one for dd1, who was always wriggling out of her seatbelt.

It fits like a 5-point belt, and then you still use the seatbelt too (as the harness is not crash test rated, i believe).

The one I have for dd1 would prob be easily undone by an inquisitive child (thankfully dd1 does not undo stuff, just wriggled about a lot!) but I think they do one with an extra special "impossible" latch.


CaptainPlump Tue 07-Oct-08 08:59:36

Thanks silverfrog! That looks good but incredibly complicated! I can't find anything that looks better than that, but in my search I saw lots of other car seat safety devices that were a lot simpler and cheaper, but sadly not suitable.

On the off chance, has anyone heard of a device to "lock" the seatbelt so that DS can't just undo it? Or can you buy seatbelts that are more childproof? He doesn't try and wriggle out of it, he just UNDOES it - it seems such an obvious problem I can't believe I can't find a solution - am I missing something?

If nobody has any suggestions I'll defintely get the Crelling harness BTW!

silverfrog Tue 07-Oct-08 09:18:07

there's this type of thing

but I don't know how much use it would be against a serious fiddler!

I think the harness I have is the type 28, and it does look serious, but once it is fitted, it remains in the car, and fits over the shoulders of dd1's car seat etc, so it's just like having a 5 point harness on her booster seat, and then the seat belt goes over the top.

Good luck with whichever method you choose -it's awful when you know they're not safely strapped down...

Pixel Tue 07-Oct-08 19:02:28

We got one of these from Halfords because we'd also been asked to 'talk' to ds about not undoing seatbelts. Actually the escort laughed and said "you'll like this" because she was passing on a message from head office but knows what ds is like! Anyway, ds figured it out in about 2 seconds flat but they have a small strap like a cat collar that they are buckling over the top and seems to be doing the trick.
Ds can wriggle out of a seatbelt in seconds even when it is done up so he also wears a Crelling harness which has a reverse catch that you lift instead of pressing a button and he hasn't figured that one out.

CaptainPlump Tue 07-Oct-08 22:30:16

Thanks Pixel! I'm glad you recommended that as I've just ordered something similar (but more expensive)online. I wish I'd waited and gone to my local Halfords now!

DS isn't particularly cunning in his attempts to escape as yet, he lacks the confidence I think. I'm going to hold off on the Crelling harness unless/until he starts to show signs of escapology genius!

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