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canuckmom Wed 02-Mar-05 20:29:49

Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with the following meds: *Risperidone & Prozac.*
My son is 4 and on CONCERTA, now they want to add one of these. Any feedback would be great. If I read another excerpt from a drug textbook I'm going to lose it.

MrsFROSTgetful Wed 02-Mar-05 21:38:05

I took prozac- but your talking about your 4 yr old

For me- it was fine- no side affects and seemed to help with my obsessive behaviours

Trick to decide what to do- but i read that since conterta your son has had a better quality of life- and is safer....and i suppose you have to weigh up the benefits-v-the worries.

when ds1 was 6mths he was prescribed a prescription only sedative- the chemist would not dispense it as it was a dose for a 6 year old- they tought the DR had made made a mistake- he marched in and TOLD them to dispence it as described....Sure people judged me for doping up my son so much- but no-one can know how you or the child copes without it- but u

Yes...i wish i did not have to medicate my son...but thankfully he is 11 now and actually is able to reassure me that he prefers being medicated than when he is not.

The only negs i have for SSRI's like prozac is that they take up to 2 weeks to help- and if you stop- 10-14 days to be out of real dependancy probs- but i 'weaned' myself of them slowly- so that my brain was able to adjust accordingly.
methyphenadate etc are 'great' in that if you don't like the affect- it wears off fully within a given time ...and there is no probs if you forget to give - and some kids only take it mon- fri....whereas prozac has to be taken every day..

My ds2 is anxious etc and if the paed eventually suggested he went on prozac- i would trial it for 6 weeks- unless within days he was worse- but he is 8 and i know it's harder when they are so yooung.

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