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Had such a lovely morning

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Marne Mon 06-Oct-08 17:48:06

At dd2's nursery grin

I have been staying at nursery with dd2 until she settles in (which may take sometime) i have met so many lovely children and today i met a little DS boy who sat next to us whilst having a snack, for some reason he seemed to like me and started pointing at things, signing and would'nt stop smiling at me smile, by the end of snack time he had me making monkey noises, was talking and signing to me.
After snack the little boys key worker told me that the little boy hardly ever talks or signs and she has never seen him interact like he did with me today. I am so pleased a met this lovely little boy and now i have decided to become a volunteer at the nursery.

Dd2(ASD) is finding it hard to settle so if i become a volunteer i can be in the same building as her (not sure if this is good for her)

dustystar Mon 06-Oct-08 18:18:13

How lovely marne - I bet that made your daygrin

Tclanger Mon 06-Oct-08 21:44:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MannyMoeAndJack Mon 06-Oct-08 21:50:25

I hope the key worker told the little boy's parents/carers about how well he'd been communicating with you - they'll be very pleased you're going to become a volunteer!

streakybacon Tue 07-Oct-08 06:29:16

That's lovely smile

Marne Tue 07-Oct-08 10:15:15

made my day grin

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