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Footsteps Physiotherapy Open Day

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Footsteps Mon 06-Oct-08 15:32:52

Hi, would anyone be interested in coming to the Footsteps parents open day on the 7th November, or know anyone elso who might?

If you have never heard of Footsteps, it is an extraordinary physiotherapy centre in Oxfordshire, which provides unique, intensive therapy courses for children with neurological conditions with varying degrees of mobility.

The children who come to Footsteps may have cerebral palsy, hypotonia, cancer, stroke, brain damage, or other neurological problems, and we have children coming from all over the UK and Europe for the treatment. Whilst it is state of the art, the Footsteps programme isn?t a miracle cure. It comprises three hours of physiotherapy every day for three weeks, if possible at least four times a year, but the children love it! Many of these children may also have severe speech and fine motor delays too. The programme is also aimed at confidence building, as well as physical development, both of which in turn often positively affect speech and cognitive capabilities.

Ongoing private treatment is costly for any family, but there are a number of families who simply can?t afford to benefit from Footsteps at all, which is why we have also set up Footsteps Foundation which we are hoping will raise £500,000 to pay for scores of children to fulfil their true physical, cognitive and developmental potential at the Footsteps Centre.

Where:- The Footsteps Centre at 7A The Green South, Warborough, Oxfordshire
When:- Friday, 7th November
Time:- Any time from 1 pm to 4 pm

Any parents to RSVP:- or call us on 01865 400 895

More info at and

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