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Well, thats DD's future sorted...............................

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anniebear Mon 06-Oct-08 12:01:50

Her twin sister (both just turned 7) announced this morning that when she is older she is buying a house, Her sister is going to live with her and she is going to make her breakfast in bed smile smile

all sorted lol grin

amber32002 Mon 06-Oct-08 12:07:53

Bless! smile

misscutandstick Mon 06-Oct-08 12:21:55

that is just tooooooo sweet!!! how adorable!

magso Mon 06-Oct-08 12:46:55

How thoughtful!
Ds (ASD) asked if he could have Daddies car and his money when he dies! This is so he can take Mummy to the shops. For food. Maybe I will get breakfast in bed too!

dustystar Mon 06-Oct-08 12:49:26


FioFio Mon 06-Oct-08 12:50:36

Message withdrawn

anniebear Mon 06-Oct-08 12:50:56

Im just hoping she buys a house soon grin grin

geekgirl Mon 06-Oct-08 12:51:35

grin how lovely grin

lourobert Mon 06-Oct-08 15:11:41

Ahh, what a lovely lovely thing to say....!grin

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