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help-toiletting problems

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mum24boyz Sun 05-Oct-08 17:31:10

ds4 was finally out of pull ups just before the school hols, so about 3/4 mths now i guess, had been going to the toilet for no.1 for quite sometime, but could not get him to go for no 2, so once we managed that he came out of pull ups and has been doing really well. ds4 is diagnosed gdd but am at the mo waiting for an assessment from cahms as i am struggling with his behaviour, he has always been a very stubborn difficult child. anyway, this past wk he has seen fit to stop going to the toilet, and i fully believe its behavioural, the other day he was sat playing with his faeces and yesterday came to tell me he had weed in his pants, with a big smile on his face, i fully believe this is a behavioural issue but have no idea what to do about it, yesterday we introduced the bribery/ sorry reward chocolate, but still he chose to soil himself, and again today, he is now in a pull up supposedly as a punishment really i guess, but he doesnt give a damn and i am totally at a loss what to do about him, any help would be gratefully recieved.
thanks x

nicky693 Sun 05-Oct-08 21:18:25

I had this problem with C. We had potty training down to a tea then in the morning he would poo in his night time pull up and then take it out and play with it. Went in once and he had rolled it into balls and was playing with it in his bob the builder trucks!! Told him off for this which was a bad idea because then most morning would go into his room with it all over his wall!! It didnt stop there, he then went on to sticking it down the back of the radiator which was a pain to get out!!! I tried everything from a sticker chart to putting a potty in his bedroom. The worse part was he then starting weeing on his carpet which absolutely stunk when the sun came in, a rug doctor made it worse. I thought Cs problem was behavoural coz everytime he did it he got my attention and he knew exactly what he was doing. He also told me with a big smile on his face.

I can only suggest that you ride it out if you have tried the above, if he is anything like my son it will stop as quick as it started, its horrible i know but it just clicked back into place with C. He still wets the bed at night most nights, but this is not a behavioural thing.

When he does it dont make a big issue out of it, just change his clothing not seeming to care that hes done it, coz he might just be wanting a reaction, just change his clothes without talking too much and be might click that if he does do it then its ok but he doesnt get a reaction. Then when he does use the toilet praise him to the hills!!!

If he makes a mess on the floor clear this up without communication as well, this worked for C, and its worth a try, good luck

You will also learn what incidents are behavoural and which are an accident, C still has quite a lot of accidents but i know thats just because he is quite delayed.

mum24boyz Mon 06-Oct-08 08:32:28

thanks for that nicky, yeah was wondering if its because the 'praise' for going to the toilet has stopped, it hasnt stopped but it isnt quite as much of a fuss as it was. i find it easier to keep calm, hubby is a major stress head though and does make a big deal out of it, which means i will probably have to take over dealing with it all, oh joy lol. but i agree that he does seem to be looking for a reaction so will give this a go. thanks for the advice.

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