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OMG. Break-through with nephew with severe pdd....

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KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 17:05:11

my mum just called me and said he has started talking. Like really talking, i.e. communicating his needs and what he wants and likes and how he feels and showing emotions and well, everything he hasn't done in his 9 years of life!!!!!


However now he's showing behavioral problems that he never had. Throwing tantrums and the like. Never did this before. Never showed emotions before. sil says it's like he's a 2 year old and she thinks that he IS at the stage of a 2 year old and needs to grow from here now that he can. It's all a bit difficult but so so so happy for them.


jg3kids Sat 04-Oct-08 17:25:39


That's great! Does she have any idea what brought about this change (Iust so's we can all try...!)

The tantrums could be because he's more aware now?

It goes to show that we should never give up/ disregard our children.

Crack open the vino!

KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 17:31:09

They have been doing EVERYTHING. My brother is wealthy and my sil has been pursuing natural and alternative rememdies. I don't know the exact name of the one that seems to have made the most difference but I think yurt knows about it. They have been taking him to a clinic in New York for it and has to do with his hearing? She is starting him on cranial oestherapy (sp) next. They also live in a weathly town with a school district with lots of money and has been getting very intensive educational therapies as well.

it's all about money isn't it sad

I can ask her for more details.

I'm just so excited.

KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 17:32:41

yes, suspicion is that it is because he is aware now.

He is having to deal with loss of his nan (they were very close). She died about a year ago but he didn't show any emotion about her absence. He doesn't understand that she is dead but is now showing awareness that she is not there and asking where she is.

jg3kids Sat 04-Oct-08 17:42:47

I am very excited for you all!

We do biomedical treatments with our son too. We remortgaged the house and have spent a TON of money on him.
We did see a DAN! doc (I'm sure you and your sil will know what that is) but a lot of the treatment my ds needed was not available in the UK. So we've gone off to the US!
Just in case anyone out there is interested, there are UK charities who will fund treatment for kids with autism. If you want I can post details?

P.S I think it's called AIT (Auditory integration therapy - we haven't tried it yet. It's next on our list after hyperbaric oxygen therapy)

KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 17:55:27

drs are talking about medicating him as he is like a sponge now and his brain is growing? (this is all 2nd hand via my mum) and they feel his new behavioral problems are getting in the way of him learning.

sil says over her dead body.

Yes they are in the States. In Connecticut.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sat 04-Oct-08 18:25:46

Excellent, what great news. Yep it was AIT. DS1 has recently said his first word (aged 9) perhaps there's a shift at 9?

We have had major behavioural problems from ds1 recently - at home in the main, he's been fine at school. I finally had enough - yesterday was bruised massively - he caught a blood vessel so the 3inch by 2inch bruise was also swollen, I was also kicked, punched, bitten and spat at yesterday. Fairly standard day recently. We have a consultant in New York, we spoke by phone, she told me what to do- which was more or less the opposite of everything we've tried up to now- and today, for the first time in months I was not pinched, kicked or hit (the spitting was new this week and kind of the final straw).. It's not an easy fix by any means, but I can pass on her name if you email me if things remain bad. DS1 is perfectly happy today as well. No negative reaction to the change in response at all to date.

KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 18:55:44

yurt this may be same person they are seeing in NY. I will ask her. I haven't talked directly to sil for a few months now.

babs1827 at yahoo dot com I don't ahve cat

that is great news as well yurt.

interesting about 9. I wonder if there's something to it.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sat 04-Oct-08 19:02:33

I suspect it will be someone different. Our consultant doesn't do AIT. I'll drop you a line.

KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 19:13:23


jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sat 04-Oct-08 20:47:01

Have emailed.....

KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 21:20:12

got it and replied


KerryMum Sat 04-Oct-08 21:22:30

jg3kids - I will ask sil exactly what they've been doing recently and get back to you.

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