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YEH>>>>>> finally - physio...

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eidsvold Tue 01-Mar-05 21:19:37

Dd1 has had about 6 physio sessions ( about 3 hours in total) since we arrived back in Australia. Then her physio went on long term compassionate leave last September - the centre had lined up another physio and it all fell through. We were just about to start her at a private phsyio - we really couldn't afford it at all but felt it was important

when at the centre yesterday the pyhsio who was back from leave popped her head in the room and let us know dd1 would be starting physio again next week.

So pleased - feeling very frustrated as dd1 is showing all the prewalking signs but after her one stint to prove she could do it has not wanted to do it since ( little monkey) and I did not know how to encourage or help her.

As an aside - I mentioned my 'telling off' re tummy time for dd2 to this physio ( stupidly forgetting the two physios would know each other!!) glad I did not mention the 'bumshuffling' comment..... the centre based physio did give me some hints to try with dd2 to see if they would help.... much better than a lecture.

MrsFROSTgetful Wed 02-Mar-05 09:58:22

this is fantastic! thank goodness you were in the right place at the right time!

How great it is the SAME physio- so she knows your poppet well already!

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