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MrsFROSTgetful Tue 01-Mar-05 14:56:15

can U CAT me if you don't get an email i sent today...don't know if i used the right email add?

Davros Tue 01-Mar-05 16:55:54

Hasn't BH been to BIBIC this weekend? I'm all agog to hear about it (or have I got it wrong?)

maddiemo Tue 01-Mar-05 16:58:35

I thought it was end of March

Davros Tue 01-Mar-05 17:01:24

Oh, she's just having a quiet patch then.

Blossomhill Tue 01-Mar-05 17:27:22

We are off to Bibic 4 wks today. 29th March - 1st April. I will update you as soon as I can. The way I am feeling I could do with going right now!

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