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I've got the DLA mobility forms out!! Please help!

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Dingle Tue 01-Mar-05 14:09:08

I have had them for ages, but I feel now is as good a time as any to attempt them. My mum is out of hospital and fairly comfortable, even though she is still on dialysis at King's in London.
DD has settled in OK (ish!!) at mainstream nursery and life is once again fairly managable!
Do I bother with the mobility DLA? If I could get that,then a blue badge would make our lives so much easier, as ATM I feel very reluctant to take dd anywhere! That's not doing anyone any good is it!

My problem is...I have read that if your child regularly walks more than 50-100 yards, it is unlikely (not impossible) to qualify at 3 yrs old!
My arguement is that I make dd walk more than that, my physio made me feel as if I wasn't doing enough to build up her endurance, either with or without her AFOs on and was just putting her in the buggy for an easy life!!
She may regularly walk more than that(a couple of times a week at the most!) but the actual level of suppport,effort- both physical and mental, encouragement, and sometimes a bit of dragging that this requires goes without saying.
How should I put this accross??
Has anyone got any advice please?

Potty1 Tue 01-Mar-05 14:23:49

Dingle - not much advice here I'm afraid, other than have a stiff drink before starting on the forms. We failed to get mobility for dd after I slipped into positive mum mode at the appeal.

Glad your mum is out of hospital.Good luck with it.

pixel Tue 01-Mar-05 17:00:37

We got a blue badge for ds way back in the summer but he has only just been awarded low rate mobility. Perhaps the two things don't necessarily go together? Maybe it depends where you live, I don't know. I just thought I'd mention it because even if you don't get mobility it might still be worth applying for the blue badge. Good luck with the dreaded forms!

sparklymieow Tue 01-Mar-05 17:04:33

its also about the length of time it takes the child to walk that far. If I was you just put that she can 50 yds but it takes X amount of time to do that distance. BTW 50yds is that cut off point.

Caroline5 Tue 01-Mar-05 17:16:40

We got a blue badge without getting DLA mobility at the time (although dd2 does now get the higher rate). I wrote on the badge form that we would be applying for it and they asked our GP for a report on dd. As pixel says I think it might depend on where you live. Good luck with the forms

Dingle Tue 01-Mar-05 17:25:17

Pixel, our Council say they won't give dd a blue bagde, unless she is receiving high rate DLA for mobility. This is because she is only 3 and "a lot of 3 year olds have difficulty with walking!!"
They don't have DS, sensory issues, hyperflexed knees, AFOs.....

I was thinking about trying to borrow a dicta-phone type thing(!!!) to record exactly what I do on an everyday basis,how much I have to coax her....don't know what the "criteria" is though.

pixel Tue 01-Mar-05 20:15:15

Ah well, my ds was just over 4 so maybe that's why it seemed quite easy. Actually I was really surprised to get it because I didn't expect to. I only applied because the HV suggested it. Having a badge has made things so much easier though. Even just having a wider parking space so I can open the car door to wrestle ds into his seat is a big help.

pixel Tue 01-Mar-05 20:27:03

I don't really know the 'criteria'. I just described how ds refuses to walk, throws himself to the ground, has no concept of danger, does not understand or obey directions and has ritual behaviours such as stepping on every manhole cover, even if he has to run into the road to do so. Also he has an awkward gait which means he falls often and tires easily. Can't remember what else, it was ages ago, but I know I emphasised the safety issues of getting him from A-B.

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