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Its official... get rid of the clinical psychs - get yersel an eye doc!

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misscutandstick Wed 01-Oct-08 19:22:00

So long have I waited to see a clinical psychologist and DS5's Paediatrician seems to see it as a last resort... but no longer! behold... i have news - git yersel a eye doc!

DS5's eye doc is lovely, very well read, and quite approachable. Todays appt went something like:

DOC: hmm so he has GDD... why is that?
ME: because hes autistic.
DOC: do you have a formal Dx?
ME: No, but its what we are ALL working with at the moment.
DOC: What leads you to believe it might be that?
ME: He doesnt point or wave, hes non-verbal, has no imaginative play, no shared play/attention, toewalks, flaps and spins, hates crowds/people, cant cope with new things, and regressed at 14mths losing the few skills he had which he still hasnt regained.
DOC: hmm, does he line things up?
ME: that is his latest preoccupation...
DOC: well it does sound like Autism.

so there you go then. Dont phaff with anyone else... get yourself an eye doc, tell him that your DC lines stuff up, and there you go, Dx in a box!

TBH tho, its actually more than the Paediatrician is willing to concede - he still strongly denies that theres anything wrong at all...

PS: can i just bring to everyones attention, a thread i dug up (it seems its not just ours!):
By Romy7 on Mon 22-Sep-08 14:11:55
lol at the eye doc doing a developmental check
no idea what dd3 issues are - didn't want to do the mad stalker thing and search your posts, but my dd2 has an alternating converging squint (with one eye going up as well as in, for fun) - our first eye doc categorically told me it wasn't related to her developmental delays, and any kid can end up with a squint (agreed), and she should have squint surgery before school for cosmetic reasons to stop her getting teased.
more recently, with a confirmed (and by this point long-standing)dx of cp, our newest eye doc has confirmed that, of course, the eye thing is indeed related to all the other areas of motor control she struggles with, and so squint surgery would be utterly pointless.
my point being sometimes differetn levels of developmental delay, and different types, can alter the way you are treated by different profs and can change your treatment plan. interestingly, your docs have opposite ideas, which in our scenario would work for the best - all the therapy help from the paed, and treatment as an NT child from the eye doc...
they all make me laugh really - but the eye doc making a developmental assessment as part of an eye check will make me smile all day long... numpty.

bigcar Wed 01-Oct-08 19:32:00

That other thread was because dd3s eye doc decided she didn't have a severe learning difficulty despite the developmental pead saying she did. Glad there's a few of us and it's not just our one!

Now if you could just get your eye doc to put that in writing.........

Seuss Wed 01-Oct-08 19:39:04

my dentist went off on a tangent about ds1's exzema which left me very confused - made me wonder if we should go back to the dermatologist to get his teeth checked. If only he'd asked if ds lines things up and he could have bagged the ASD dx too!

Romy7 Thu 02-Oct-08 11:07:26

rofl seuss!

Widemouthfrog Thu 02-Oct-08 13:20:11

I had a great one from DS's neurologist this week. She was reviewing his epilepsy meds, and got on to the subject of school. he's good isn't he. I think we should aim to keep him in mainstream - its the right place for him! So why did we need the SALT, Edu Psychologist, Paediatric reports and a statutory assessment for a statement then? The neurologist could have told us all we needed to know.

She had met him 5 mins earlier, and asked him 'Is your little brother all ok, then?'

Rolling round the floor, he replies 'No, he's Matthew'!!!!

He is 5 with AS.

Seuss Thu 02-Oct-08 14:14:10

LOL 'No, he's Matthew' - that's going to have me giggling for a while yet!

Romy7 Thu 02-Oct-08 14:54:50

'all ok?'
as in, 'not broken like you are?'

i don't know whether to rofl more at the q or the answer!

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