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Private speech therapy

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rivers Mon 28-Feb-05 21:06:44

I have finally decided to get some private speech therapy for my DD as I just don't feel happy with what we receive from the local hospital. I was just wondering how helpful others have found private speech therapy and where did you get your therapist from? My DD has no speech and we really need someone who can help set up other ways of communicating.Thank you!

Socci Mon 28-Feb-05 21:08:12

Message withdrawn

rivers Mon 28-Feb-05 21:12:26

Hi Socci, my DD can't speak because of physical problems ( she has a tracheostomy). She is nearly four and because her reasons for not speaking are physical it is difficult to know what forms of communication to use with her!

ChocolateGirl Mon 28-Feb-05 21:26:11

Hi rivers

My ds1 has a prviate SALT. We found her on this website: I knew nothing about her, I just picked her because she was local to our area. She is fantastic. Loads better than NHS one.

Hope that is of some help.

Socci Mon 28-Feb-05 21:27:23

Message withdrawn

rivers Tue 01-Mar-05 14:15:12

Thanks very much Socci and ChocolateGirl, I had a look on the internet last night and managed to find a few that specialised in my DD condition!! If anyone else has any experience of private speech therapy I would be grateful to hear about it, in particular whever you found it more useful than the NHS. Thank you!!

sophy Tue 01-Mar-05 18:32:55

I have had both private and NHS speech therapy for my DS (6). Both therapists were good but we just didn't get enough therapy from the NHS. it was usually offered in blocks of 6 or 8, sometimes at very short notice (once in August with only 3 weeks notice when of course we were away). I would recommend doing both: take the free NHS therapy when it's available and supplement with private therapy the rest of the time. Hope this helps.

mogwai Tue 01-Mar-05 22:16:45

ASLTIIP is the place to look, but it's expensive. Have you discussed your concerns with the SLT treating your child? You could ask for a change of therapist/second opinion at any time, depending on what you are not happy with.

By the way, I don't think "private" SLTs are any better than NHS ones. They are all trained in exactly the same way. A private SLT will have fewer demands on her time and can therefore appear to give you a "better" service. It is worth remembering that a private SLT may not be exposed to the breadth of experience that an NHS therapist will encounter. She will undoubtedly have fewer children on her caseload and this might mean she is effectively less experienced.

Also, the NHS therapist will make decisions on a clinical-needs basis. She will not treat a child directly if she feels the child's needs can be better addressed in a different way. A private therapist is relying on your payment, so might decide to continue treating your child on a 1:1 basis without considering the alternatives.

Controversial opinions, perhaps, but my honest opinion.

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