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help ds is making noises every few mins its driving me mad

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trace2 Mon 29-Sep-08 16:43:22

as some may know we waiting for dx of AS well last week he started making noises every few mins its like a hu//// hu iv asked him nicely to stop, he dont know hes doing it, but its driving me mad! is itcalled a tic? and what can i do befor i bloody kill him? is this to do with the AS or an other problem?

luckylady74 Mon 29-Sep-08 16:54:27

My ds1 is dx AS and he has phases of these - the current one I have called his 'llama' noise after a trip to the zoo. They seem to get worse at stressful times - this appearedas he returned to school after ythe summer.
With ds1 I have decided that it usually goes on for about 2 weeks after I decided that I couldn't take it any more and then I realise one day he's stopped doing it!
It may be a symptom of a rleted disorder - I have no idea, but my ds's only dx is As and he does it along with screams that come out of knowwhere.

Wisp Mon 29-Sep-08 17:09:33

My DS has AS, and has vocal tics, they get worse when he is anxious,or excited. They vary from saying the same word all the time, to a horrible animal noises.
Tourrettes syndrome is common in AS,our paed said last visit.

trace2 Mon 29-Sep-08 17:13:17

thank you do i just listen then, if so i better go out of room it really is driving me nuts

bubblagirl Mon 29-Sep-08 17:24:38

you wont be able to stop it maybe being asked to stop make shim more anxious

my ds's friend also ASD has tics but i think you learn to tolerate it when you know its not there fault

i do feel for you though my ds repeats the same thing i do want to tell him to stop but i find distraction works well doesnt stop it but helps to stop for short while

bubblagirl Mon 29-Sep-08 17:25:05

i leave the room if it gets to bad or sing songs together etc

trace2 Mon 29-Sep-08 17:35:30

yes ds does it in phases he as done it befor and it did just go away! because last time i ignored it to but its sooo worse this time,

Seuss Mon 29-Sep-08 19:22:22

oh yes - we have had quite a range, starwars theme (more annoying than it sounds), random words, a kind of siren noise, a v. rude word and a bloodcurdling scream. I'd take most of them over the grinding teeth phase though.

Have learn't to ignore as sometimes making a big thing about it makes it worse. I now grind my teeth quite a lot too though!

mimsum Mon 29-Sep-08 19:37:34

get used to ignoring it ... he has no conscious control over it, if you ask him to stop it he might be able to concentrate really hard for a while and not do it but as soon as he relaxes the noises will come back worse than before

vocal tics tend to come and go - ds1 has TS and asperger's and we've had a real range - they wax and wane, not necessarily peaking at stressful times although there can be a correlation

I've had to adopt a zen-like attitude to noises - ds1 tics, dd(5) has occasional vocal tics and ds2 has asperger's and flaps a lot making pchow, pchow noises - the other day we were driving somewhere and they were all going at once - I just turned the radio up loud and sang so I was making noises too grin

drowninginlaundry Tue 30-Sep-08 06:57:17

my DS1 hums ALL. THE. TIME. I do find the constant soundtrack of autism the hardest thing to deal with, I don't mind the lack of language or the need for routines or even the tantrums, but the noise......

Yes, you have to be zen about it - if it gets to me, usually in the evenings if i've been listening to it for 12 hours without a break, I just hide in the loo for 10 minutes counting the minutes to their bedtime...

I might start wearing his ear defenders grin

Seuss Tue 30-Sep-08 08:46:38

We should campaign for free ear defenders for mums.

Minniethemoocher Tue 30-Sep-08 21:04:05

I have been told by the Ed Psych that DD probably had ASD, we are on the long road to a formal diagnosis....

She hums to herself incessantly, and also laughs and giggles at private jokes and sometimes it drives me round the bend...I am 35 weeks pregnant so that may be why I have less patience at the moment.....

I may start wearing ear defenders too.... smile

Seuss Tue 30-Sep-08 21:14:15

You know like some babies can only sleep with the washing machine on or the hoover going - perhaps yours will need your dd humming in the background.grin

Good luck with the diagnosis and the bump!

Minniethemoocher Tue 30-Sep-08 21:23:08

Seuss - thank you for making me smile!

fallingstandards Tue 30-Sep-08 21:32:28

Trace2 I feel for you very much. I have a severely disabled son of nearly 18 who also has has "autistic tendencies" (such a useful diagnosis!) and he has understood quite well for years that making noises means he engages my attention (negatively!) and he uses it to fantastic effect (all day long!). I have found one way of overcoming my desire to throttle him (much as I love him) is to say out loud what I feel like doing (he is deaf and therefore cannot hear me say it!). So I find myself saying things like "If you don't stop making that noise I am going to have to remove your tonsils with this spoon!" etc - the other two kids think I am a wicked witch but I know that if I say it I won't do it - or at least so far so good. The other thing I do I'm afraid is inflict him on the world at large. When the noises get really bad, I go out with him to a public place and pretend I haven't noticed it. People stare at us in disbelief sometimes and I pretend I haven't noticed them either. I get a perverted satisfaction out of making everyone else listen to it (sometimes it is VERY loud indeed). Then I feel better. And no-one has been fatally injured!

ManxMum Tue 30-Sep-08 22:13:39

Mine does a sort of throaty hum and a pitch that makes me vibrate. But, Seuss, I have to agree that the tooth grinding really got on my nerves!

DS seems to do this when bored/anxious/tired/unwell/hungry - so about 12-14 hours per day!!

Seuss Wed 01-Oct-08 09:41:45

grind, grind, grind. It's sooooooooo loud!!! I've tried to replicate it with my own teeth (welcome to Seuss world!) and it's impossible to grind your teeth that loudly!!!!

trace2 Wed 01-Oct-08 16:22:37

thank you once again for all your help, iv ben to school to ask ifs hes doingit there as i know the other kids will make fun of himsad they say they dont think hes doing it there( so why at home)hmm.

anyway i know think itscos hes stressed my dd is going into hgospital in the morning for a fundo and g tube, so i think its getting to him

Seuss Wed 01-Oct-08 19:56:52

sadI guess that's why he's being so noisy at home cos he's trying to keep a lid on it at school - poor chap. At least if it's stress related it should ease off with the stress. Hope all goes smoothly for your dd tomorrow.

mimsum Wed 01-Oct-08 22:53:29

my dad has TS as well as ds1 and he says he eventually learned to keep a lid on his tics at school but as soon as he came home he'd have at least half an hour of frenzied ticcing to get it out of his system before it went down to a more managable level

the weird thing about kids and tics is they often don't seem to notice - no-one's ever (to my knowledge) given ds a hard time about his noises or movements as it's just one of those things that ds does ..

your ds is probably doing it more at home than school though because he feels safer at home

I hope your dd's operation goes well

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