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Dyscovery Centre

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Saker Mon 28-Feb-05 18:27:41

We decided to get ds2 seen at the Dyscovery Centre in Cardiff which specialises in dyspraxia, DCD and various related things such as Asperger's. (Ds2 has global developmental delay but many of his motor problems seem similar to dyspraxia and so I think this is a possible diagnosis). Anyway just wanted to report that so far they have been really efficient and got back to me within two weeks of my filling in all their questionnaires. In the first instance they offered me a telephone consultation with Dr Amanda Kirby (who is the Medical Director and very well known for her work in dyspraxia / DCD). That costs £100 an hour and took place this morning. She was really lovely and sympathetic and had lots of good suggestions and said also they would be happy to see him if we wanted. But she was also very concerned about not just duplicating what we can get from the NHS, and certainly not pushing for our business.

Anyway I am posting this for info really for anyone else considering the Dyscovery Centre. I think you can ask for a telephone consultation only if you want and I thought it might be useful for anyone with a child diagnosed with dyspraxia who needs extra advice.

We will probably see them for a SALT assessment now so I will let you know how that is.

mum38 Mon 28-Feb-05 19:50:33

Thanks for the update Saker. Will follow your assessment with interest.

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