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Had first pead appointment on Wed, she was great!

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OhBurger Sun 28-Sep-08 22:33:57

I really was expecting to be made to feel like a neurotic mother but wow! She listened.

My gorgeous ds has some kind of seizure disorder, probably has learning difficulties due to developmental delays.

I honestly thought I was going mad. I got to the stage where I thought I was imageining his symptoms.

I am feeling pretty over whelmed atm. I was kind of expecting the eeg's and maybe an mri, but she was talking about educational psycologists and such.

Is tha normal? I have been so used to GP's and HV's telling me it's all "normal" Even family and DP! Even though they have witnessed his episodes.

OhBurger Sun 28-Sep-08 22:35:36

Sorry about the pants spelling, have just opened bottle #2

BriocheDoree Mon 29-Sep-08 08:39:05

Happy for you OhBurger! So nice when you are taken seriously smile
Hope you and your DS can get some help.
Unfortunately can't comment on what's normal as my DD's SN are completely different, but just wanted to say hello.

TotalChaos Mon 29-Sep-08 09:24:11

Hi OhBurger, glad you felt the paed was helpful, but obviously sorry it wasn't better news for you. I think the mention of the EP is good - as it shows forward planning - I imagine the EP will be looking at what sort of help your DS might need in educational settings - school/pre-school etc

Romy7 Mon 29-Sep-08 11:02:37

not sure how old your ds is - it may be that they feel portage or a nursery placement would help ds with his delays (some areas require an EP report before this can happen). we had our first EP meeting before dd2 was a year old lol, and we had a full EP assessment when she was just 2.
it's the kind of thing that later you will take in your stride - a bit like dd2 being given a speeach and language therapist when she was born. seemed a bit previous to me, until it was explained that some are feeding specialists rather than actual communication lol.
glad you were taken seriously - is the paed referring for full developmental assessments at CDC or the like? are they doing MRI and EEG?

OhBurger Tue 30-Sep-08 22:36:47

I was a bit overwhelmed tbe honest, I really didn't take it all in blush

I am going to speak to the --baby police-- health visitor tomorrow.

DS is going to be three in december. He is a wee smasher or should that be big smasher given his gargantuan (sp) proportions lol

I did forget to mention to the pead that I had a massive asthma attack while I was pg with him, I can't believe I forgot it was totally terrifying. I only remembered a couple of days ago. I suppose that may have caused some hypoxia for him. which I bloody googled and came up with cp and epilepsy. Google should have a health warning lol.

Ds has been ref. to yorkhill sick kids hosp, for eeg's and possibly an MRI. Doc not keen on mri as he would need a general anasthetic. He cant stay still sad Not sure about the assesments. Hopefuly will be advised by --baby police-- HV tomorrow.

I am just so relieved to get the ball rolling for him, a plan of action will certainly reduce our stress levels.

OhBurger Tue 30-Sep-08 22:39:05

Hmmm baby police should have had a line through it blush

Romy7 Wed 01-Oct-08 00:04:54

dd2 went to yorkhill - blue-lighted on day 7 from where she was born. she does have cp lol. but it was pretty obvious from the minute i popped tbh, even though no dx until 2. she was born at the RAH in paisley. has had 2 mri's (first under sedation, second under ga), eeg and a gazillion other stuff grin don't worry about not having mentioned your asthma attack - there'll be other opportunities. our most recent mri proves at what point dd2's brain damage occurred - v clever stuff.
ds is still the same chap, even if he's got a few other people interested now. hopefully the eeg will give them some ideas, and lots of kids with epilepsy (if that comes up) have their seizures totally under control with meds.
happy to chat about developmental delays if you like, but lots and lots of possibilities, including that he is just a late bloomer lol.

don't google, it's bad for your health.

hope the HV doesn't alarm you even more. we've had some corkers.

TotalChaos Wed 01-Oct-08 08:05:53

I wouldn't get your hopes too high that HV will know a lot about specialist referrals tbh. Some areas have a special needs HV - might be worth askig about that, as would hope such a person would be a bit more clued up. As Romy says you will have plenty of other opportunities to bring up the asthma attack - asking how the PG went is one of the standard qs the professionals ask when you first see them.

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