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teacher thinks DS has ADD - any advice?

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Nat1H Fri 26-Sep-08 09:50:14

I have thought this for the past 2 years, but have been completely fobbed off by past teachers. Now, he has been referred to EP for poss ADD.
Any advice on how you may treat you child differently would be greatly appreciated. I suppose I have buried my head in the sand as I have DS2 with CP, so tried to ignore DS1's problems and hoped it was me being neurotic!!
I now feel really guilty for always being so hard on him when it is probably not his fault!
Any experience of odd behaviours (if which DS1 has plenty) or comments that would help when I see the EP would be gratefully recieved.

bubblagirl Fri 26-Sep-08 16:13:39

bumping for you noa dvise myself my ds has ASD but someoen else may have words of wisdom

but dont feel guilty about being hard on him as i was the same with my ds until he was dx but it certainly explained alot of things and made me see him differently and with that my mindset towards him changed and all was so much calmer

good luck x

bubblagirl Fri 26-Sep-08 16:41:00

sorry alot of typos blush

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