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Ds just 'created' a character for literacy.

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dustystar Thu 25-Sep-08 17:18:33

I knew he would struggle with this homework so i was surprised when after some initial difficulty he settled down and wrote for about 15 mins quite quietly. He just came and read it to me and while I had to hide a smile at what he had written it was sad to hear it too.

It made me smile beacuse he had basically written about himself and called his character after a school friend. His character even has AS and ADHDsmile

It made me sad because other than the physical description it was all so negative. His character is naughty, he swears and says stupid things, he is aggressive and gets into trouble. I had to prompt him to think of positive things to write.sad

BriocheDoree Thu 25-Sep-08 17:55:25

Oh that's sweet smile, but sad that his self confidence is so low. That's quite common in ADHD isn't it? sad I'm dreading what's going to happen when my DD gets old enough to notice she's different...

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