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i think i may have overdone the 'treat dd as an individual, not as an sn child' line with school...

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Romy7 Thu 25-Sep-08 15:27:51

i'm a bit freaked, and also concerned that school have taken me a bit tooooo seriously.
at our transition meeting with yr R teach-to-be, i was quite adamant (nicely, natch) about dd2 (athetoid cp, statemented for physical difficulties, just started ms) being treated according to her abilities, rather than the (alleged) practice of grouping all the sn kids together with a couple of TAs, whilst the teacher got on with the serious job of educating the rest of the (NT) class.
now i know dd2 is bright and has sort of taught herself to read, but today a few of them did their reading assessment and she has come home with a stage 10 ORT book as her first reading book. shock
i am now terrified that i need to go back to the school and discuss whether this is really appropriate - and equally terrified that this will be me asking for her not to be treated like an individual lol, but one of the crowd. i do trust the staff but it just seems a step too far. ds1 (NT) taught himself to read before school but was only allowed to start on stage 5, as that's when the 'magic key' stories started. have i made an idiot of myself and dd2 is going to pay the price for it? blush
do i need to speak to the teacher and ask if it is right? she wrote a nice note in her h-s book, and said level 10 seems right for now, but i keep tittering hysterically. i'm also wondering if (because of the way she speaks) when she was slurring the words she didn't know, they were thinking she was 'reading' it.... help!

anonandlikeit Thu 25-Sep-08 16:35:42

Wow! hopefully they are recognising how bright she is & allowing her to read to her level.
I don't know what ORT level 10 are like but even if she can read the words will she be able to follow the context of the story.
I know some very advanced readers do ahve to be held back purely because their comprehension is not as advanced.

Now that they ahve recognised how smart she is I don't think a word with the teacher will do any harm.

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