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argh! ds2's flapping is driving me mad

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mimsum Thu 25-Sep-08 10:15:45

it's just taking up so much time ... we were late for school again today because every time I turn my back he starts flapping again and doesn't do what he's supposed to

I literally have to stand over him the entire time he's eating breakfast/getting dressed/brushing teeth telling him what to do next, keeping him on track (and sometimes doing it for him)

I have visions of him as an adult never getting to work because he's spent the whole day with one sock on flapping at the pattern on the rug

I know that it is a very small problem in the great scheme of things but I just needed to go "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" and I can't do it to him ....

Marne Thu 25-Sep-08 10:23:08

I know how you feel, although dd2 is only 2.7 i find it hard getting her ready in the morning and getting her into the pushchair whilst flapping around. Dd2 has poor comunication, i cant ask her to do things or get things so a just have to scoop her up and phisicly show her what i wont her to do.

magso Thu 25-Sep-08 10:39:25

I do not know how old your son is. My son needs constant standing over and support and he is nearly 9! However he does respond well to a challenge from a timer to focus his mind! I have to set it for each little task of course so need to be on hand (and since he is racing the clock help with awkward items to prevent meltdowns!). The reward is to watch tv if he is ready before time! ( Although when younger it was immediated ticks on a picture chart for each broken down job ie put on pants- put on top! It has got better over time!

deeeja Thu 25-Sep-08 15:12:31

My 5 year old doesn't flap so much, but he 'draws' shapes with his eyes, and sometimes with his fingers, in the air. This has to be completed, and he can not stop until he has reached some end point. There is nothing I can do, and have to wait for him to finish. It is very intrusive, he is always late for everything. It drives me mad every morning, but if I tell him to hurry up, he gets distressed and has to start al over again because I interrupted him. Will join you in the 'arrrrrrrgggh!'
Also, now school has a new policy, where they let himdo what ever he wants, because it is aparently not a problem, hmm Yesterday he told me he did nothing at school, my guess is that he was allowed to make shapes all day because then he will be less disruptive and violent because he is presumably in his own world. This is the school's new policy, so they can get away with two half-hour stints of specialist lsa time per day. They only have one specialist lsa for the entire school. AAAAAAARGH!
Rant over!

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