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Incapacity Examination: Mental Health

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MUM23ASD Thu 25-Sep-08 10:10:24

sorry posting here...but feel sure one of you can help....

I've got to attend this next wednesday and i am already panicking about getting there- let alone the examination.

I have not driven more than 10 miles for years!

They are requesting i go 22 miles to edge of bristol...somewhere i have never been- and they sent me a supposedly helpful travel plan involving train and bus.

i prefer traveling alone- so car is my best option....but all this is triggering my OCD thoghts -

they say they will pay my expenses- as if that is the only worry people have with traveling to see them.

i'd pay THEM to travel here...can they do a home visit????

streakybacon Thu 25-Sep-08 10:15:37

I have heard of people having home visits for IB medicals, but not sure of the procedure and you may have to have GP approval first.

If they insist that you go to them, give yourself plenty of time so you can calm down once you arrive, do some deep breathing etc so you're not so flustered for the actual meeting.

Have you ever had one of these medicals before? They're not that bad really, but the key is to stay calm and if you don't understand a question of want it repeated, you must say so. So many times benefits are stopped on a simple misunderstanding.

Take notes if you feel you need them.

Try not to worry about it because it won't help if you're all of a dither.

streakybacon Thu 25-Sep-08 10:16:14

I'd also do a trial run of the journey over the weekend, so you've got more of an idea for WEdnesday.

MUM23ASD Thu 25-Sep-08 16:12:58

thanks streaky

i have had an examination 2 years ago... but then only had to travel to a local office that was in familiar ground

The notes idea is a good one- if i forget something, or make no sense- then if they read the note it may explain things better.

another poster suggested a taxi...and that freaked me out! I very rarely travel with anyone other than my husband and I rarely ever go anywhere together. so the thought of a 40min journey with a total stranger.....

then the home visit idea...realsised that would in itself cause even more i freak out even if we have to have something repaired in the home!!!

what makes this worse is that this will be the 4th time i've had to go out the house (other than my usual routine stuff) in 3 weeks and even just knowing that unsettles me.

A typical week for me is
monday- take ds3's tablets into school for the week. (7 minute walk)
thursday- visit my mum (5 minute drive)
Friday (some weeks- not all) 1 hour 'wander' around town shops
plus 1 or 2 late night shops (we have a 24hr tesco... so i often go after 10pm)

hope that explains my anxiety!!!
going back 3 years- when i was first on IB, i would go out most days- and 'lived' in charity shops - but since therapy to help my OCD and hoarding/storage box buying, I have to avoid charity shops...and therefore began to avoid shops in general...and now even when i plan to go out- and it seems a great idea (the day before)... i chicken out.

Threadwworm Thu 25-Sep-08 16:17:34

This sounds really hard for you. Is there any way that you husband or mum could go with you?

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