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Chonky - have you viewed the BIBIC dvd yet?

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Merlot Sun 27-Feb-05 00:02:30

I watched it yesterday and was quite impressed - I think BIBIC would probably suit ds2 more, because his major disability is communication and language. That said, I did so like the Brainwaves video (it had a real warmth about it) and the lady I spoke to on the phone sounded absolutely lovely. Have you had a chance to watch them both yet?

Merlot Mon 28-Feb-05 10:18:36


chonky Mon 28-Feb-05 12:53:56

Sorry, missed this earlier!

Have only seen the BIBIC one so far and am really impressed (the soundtrack & the parents chating about their experiences made me blub!). They seem to have an excellent multi-disciplinary team, and I think it'd be great to have one therapy seesion to do each day, rather than trying to remember bits of physio, vision stuff, SALT etc.

I think my only two worries (& these are nothing to do with BIBIC specifically) are:

1) DH doesn't seem on board at all about going to BIBIC or BW, and I really feel that if we're going to start an intensive therapy course then we both need to be keen, otherwise one of you (me ) may end up feeling resentful at having to do it all.

2) I'm worried that it will add to the guilt list, i.e. if I miss one day of therapy it'll make me feel that I'm a bad mum. Irrational I know, but that's me these days

Have you thought about visiting? I'm keen to go and take a look.

Merlot Mon 28-Feb-05 14:01:46

Hi Chonky.

I know exactly where you are coming from re- your two worries.

1) My DH is also not on board about BIBIC/BW (although he was probably more swayed towards BIBIC than BW) Tbh I just dont think he has reached the same acceptance level re ds2's SN's.

2. I dont think that you are being at all irrational about the guilt thing - it doesnt take much to make me feel guilty either these days (remember my thread the other day about blubbing in front of the Portage Administrator? ).

I am perhaps keener to `get on board' with a programme, because I feel that I dont have much play structure in ds2's day - maybe thats because we've not got Portage in place yet and the only committment we have is weekly hydro (when the pool is working ) and SALT (every 6 weeks).

BIBIC's programme looks like it will be much more manageable from the dvd than the BW programme. BW seem to leave the parents with a definite regime of things to follow and they say over and over again in the video about being prepared to put in the commitment and that it really helps if you have a team of people prepared to help so that you can carry out the programme on a daily basis. Dont think that would be practical for me as dh doesnt get in until after 7.00pm each night.

That said, I think Brainwaves came across as a little fresher and more vibrant (probably because the centre is newer?)

3) I have now spoken to staff at BIBIC and Brainwaves and have discovered this:-

a) The lady from BW told me that both organisations stem from the same American creators - However, Brainwave is newer and attempts perhaps to follow more closely the original American principal of structured programmes. BW confirmed that whilst they carry out cognative therapy they are not geared up for SALT in the way that BIBIC are and that they would most probably refer you to BIBIC if you knew that your child's disability was a language disorder.

b) The BIBIC receptionist told me that they take children from as young as 6 months (although all the children you see in the BIBIC dvd are older)

I think we've decided to shelve BW - and to carry out a telephone assessment with BIBIC (apparently they then tell you if they think your child would be suitable)

Hadn't thought about visiting though...its certainly worth considering.

My overriding thoughts were the same as that guy in the video.. Something I keep chirping to DH...

"I was sceptical, but having visited BIBIC, you have nothing to lose by coming here but everything to gain..."

Hopefully hydro will be on this week and I'll have a chance to talk to the BW's mummies

JaysMum Mon 28-Feb-05 18:58:43

Both hubby and I looked at both centres because they are not to far from our home.
We chose BIBIC over BW simply because the saff appeared to be so much more interseted in J and asked us more questions about J than BW's staff. The BW's staff just kept telling us about what they could do and not how we thought J would react to the certain excercises.

Having been for a three day assessment we now understand J so much better than we did pre-BIBIC. The dietary and SALT were excellent and the programme we do for J's sensory difficulties is fairly easy to carry out on a daily basis. We have seen massive improvements since our assessment in Sept last year.

The SALT at BIBIC was fantastic and gave us an excellent report which our new NHS SALT was able to build upon and devise a more tailored programme of therapy for J.

My dear old hubby was very reluctant to go to either of the centres....."a load of old mumbo jumbo" he feels terrible that he stalled us going there. Had J be assessed there when we first thought about seeking advise J would have gained access to a better language programme at lot earlier.

Good luck with which ever you choose to use.

Blossomhill Mon 28-Feb-05 19:21:06

Just wanted to say that we are off to Bibic in just under 4 weeks. I am so excited, it just couldn't come quick enough to be honest.

I will obviously let you all know how it goes as soon as I get back

Merlot Mon 28-Feb-05 21:49:14

Yes please BH - I hope it goes well

Thanks for posting Jaysmum, so good to hear from someone who has visited both places. I am definitely erring on side of BIBIC and have just read out your post to DH. Not sure of the words my dh used but he was obviously cut from the same mould as your dh!

chonky Mon 28-Feb-05 22:22:01

Well, I got my dh to watch the BIBIC dvd tonight (big progress) - I managed to stop short of having to chain him to the sofa to get him to sit down & watch it. I swear pulling teeth would have been easier .

He's still pretty non-committal, but I think I'll arrange a visit for us and we'll take it from there.

Jaysmum, thanks for your feedback on BIBIC & BW. I'm definitely leaning towards BIBIC so far. LOL at the 'mumbo jumbo'

Blossomhill - we'd love to hear all about the trip, I can totally understand why you're so excited.

Blossomhill Tue 01-Mar-05 07:54:37

I am really excited but there is a small part that feels a bit nervous as we don't have a firm dx yet. I just need to do something to help dd and this is giving me that chance to do just that.

chonky Tue 01-Mar-05 08:24:03

That's how I feel BH, my interest in going to BIBIC is to feel that I'm helping dd enough.

I think the lack of firm dx is what scares dh about going - he keeps saying 'let's wait for the next round of test results'. However, no test results are going to change the fact that dd is very delayed and needs extra help, we'll just get a title for the delay (hopefully!).

Enjoy your trip

JaysMum Tue 01-Mar-05 10:24:08

The the one thing I really liked about BIBIC's appraoch was that they didn't treat J as another kid who has walked through the door with ADS.
The therapists sat us down and asked us what we wanted to gain from our time there. We wanted to understand our child better and at the time we were having problems getting J's statement sorted.
The therapist spent one morning assessing J's ability to understand the work being given to him in school.From this assessment we were able to have an independent view as to where J was at educationally. It was a very different view to the one which was being provided by the school.
We submitted the BIBIC reports as part of our Parental Evidence for J's SEN statement.
The therapist had previously been a Head of Early Years and she was so shocked that school were reporting J had no difficulties with his school work.From her assessment she wrote a detailed report stating all the things J would need whilst in the classroom.
The whole time we were at BIBIC J's strengths were built upon and his weaknesses were identified.
His Sensory Difficuties were explained to us in a way which made us understand why our son was reacting to the normal everyday sounds, sights and smells in such a different way.
I can only say that since our visit to BIBIC we gained a much better insight into J's needs and because of this it has made us stronger in our fight to make sure his needs are met.
My hubby really was very impressed and he regrets being so negative about the holistic approach.
It certainly has been onwards and upwards since we left there and as a family we have definatly become more understanding of J's world and how it differs to our own.
Having our ds1 with us really helped to. He was shown coping strategies to use when things get tough with J. J can be violent towards ds1 and now he has learnt ways to deal with the sudden out bursts in a positive way.
I could waffle on more about how our BIBIC experience was so enlightening for us....but I wont bore you to death.
If you want any further info about how things went for us then please feel free to CAT me.

Merlot Tue 01-Mar-05 10:38:34

Chonky - Yes, I'm sure its the lack of dx that is holding dh back too. But as you say a dx could be a long way off and there are some children I believe who never get a specific dx.

JaysMum Tue 01-Mar-05 11:14:15

A label doesnt take away the fact that your child has needs and these needs can be helped. That was my argument which finally persuaded hubby to go along to BIBIC.
What is it with men????
Do you think they find it harder to accept problems?
My hubby admitted that he found it difficult to take on board that J was having real difficulties. My hubby couldnt understand what J was saying when he spoke and yet he wasnt so keen on the idea of people been contacted for help. h esaid it made him feel as if he was failing J by not understanding him!!!!!
Eventually given time he came around and is now really supportive.He attends all mettings and to be honest is much better at putting our concerns across to the professionals.
I just sit and blub the minute they start talking about J's future.
Hubby is so much more positive than me, probably due to the fact that after a bad accident when he was younger he was written off. His mom worked really hard with him and proved to all the specialists involved that her son was not going to be as they predicted. Hubby had a brain heamorrage and was left paralysed down his left side...IQ of a 6 yr old.
Now he is fine....just slightly slurred speech when tired or stressed....and a memory like a sieve!!!!

Merlot Wed 09-Mar-05 17:52:51

Went to hydro today - all the mums that have been to Brainwaves have been very happy with the service . Interestingly none of them had heard of BIBIC - they went to Brainwave through personal recommendations, proving that often its a case of word of mouth rather than informed choices. HITC - think this confirms the need for your website!

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