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Arrgghhh! first the custard cream disaster - now it's the bread...

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sphil Tue 23-Sep-08 11:50:54

I don't believe it angry. Lakeland have stopped stocking the Laucke Easy Bakers gluten free bread mix - it's the ONLY gf bread I've found that makes decent sandwiches and that doesn't have something in it that DS2 is allergic to. I've complained and very nice woman at Customer Services says she'll put a 'bring back' request on it - apparently I'm not the first to complain - but I guess they need lots of people to do so before they'll do so. It's imported from Australia and they say it wasn't selling well enough to justify the cost - but the UK distributors (I rang them as well) say they've had loads of complaints too. I looked into getting it direct from the supplier but it would cost $180 to ship and take 65 days! And I've only got two sachets left! Am seriously panicking - I know it sounds daft but DS2 has a hummus sandwich made with this particular bread every day for his packed lunch. The only alternative is rice cakes and I just don't think they're filling enough.

So - rant over - am asking two things.
Firstly, if anyone uses this bread, PLEASE contact Lakeland and complain
And secondly, in case this all comes to nothing, can someone remind me of the name of the woman in ?Wales who sells gf/cf bread mixes/recipes etc. I just can't remember her name - Marion something??

sphil Tue 23-Sep-08 19:59:18

Now only need the first question answered. I've remembered the second - Barbara from Barbara's Kitchen. Think I was muddling her with Marilyn le Breton.

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