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Another battle looming!

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tibni Mon 22-Sep-08 19:47:00

DS has ASD and is in yr3. He started in the school nursery at 3 when everyone predicted he would be high functioning as he has good flexability and a passive nature.

Reception was a nightmare and school did all it could to get ds out even though he has full support. We had a big meeting and head threw her toys out of the pram but EP stood firm and we all survived. Last couple of years have gone well. ds is low functioning and has little language although he now can read and write and is nearly age appropriate at his number and IT work.

Last week, unexpectedly, I was called into heads office with ds and dd. She has called a multi disciplinary meeting re behaviour. ds is a runner and can be loud but doesn't meltdown or have aggression. He does get 32.5 hrs 1-1 from LEA to support his level of need.

I know a lot of people at school and talk is that head wants him out! We have a new EP so can not rely on that support. I have a behavioural expert and an educational behaviour / exclusion officer coming to support me. I am trained and work in a voluntary capacity supporting parents who have dc's with SEN with such problems but when its your own kid........

I know I can do this and I will do everything to ensure my ds is protected. Wish I could believe this is just about a behaviour support plan.

Sorry to rant; just needed to offload!

magso Mon 22-Sep-08 20:03:17

Sorry you are having this struggle. It is horrible when you feel your child is not wanted by a school. I have no advice! Ds ( yr 4 ASd/SLD) is now in special and I still wonder if with proper support he could have managed in ms. (I will never know because he never had realistic support.) For you it must be even harder - your son has shown he can cope and make progress - its the schools coping that is in question.
I hope you get listened to!
(It is wonderful he is achieving so well!)

tibni Mon 22-Sep-08 20:15:27

Thanks Magso.

School is ok until head gets involved and then I know there is trouble.

We have been very lucky. DS is treated so well by the other pupils and their parents. He gets party invites and is protected by the girls in his class and the older children.

ds will go to special at senior level but right now he is happy at school and I don't want to disrupt him. With his main TA there is never any real problems its when they put new people who do not know him.

It is only week 3, he always has a good week or two and then tests the boundaries - he will then settle down.

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